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VTT 280 quiz 1


What are the anatomical parts of a tooth? crown, dentin, enamel, root, furcation, apical delta, gingical sulcus, cemintum, periodontal ligament, pupl cavity, root canal
What is the crown? any part above the gumline
what is the enamel? a material produced by ameloblast, and is above the gumline
what is the neck? indention at the gum line or cervial line
what is the root? below the gumline, has 1, 2 or 3
What is the Apex? it is the tip or apical delta/foramen(hole)
What is dentin? internal part of the tooth, produced by odontoblast and continue to produce dentin
What is pulp cavity? it contains nerves and blood vessels
what is gingiva sulcus? the neck or margin of the crown. a flap that covers the teeth
what is cementum? calcified connective tissue that surrounds teeth
what is a socket? where teeth are held in place (alveolar bone)
what is periodontal ligament? holds teeth in place next to cementum
What is primary or deciduous teeth? baby teeth, falls out at 4-6 months,the dental formulas arekitten: 2(I3/3, C1/1, PM3/2)puppy: 2(I3/3, C1/1, PM3/3)
what is adult teeth or permanent teeth? just what it says, comes in at 4-6 months, the dental formulas areCat: 2(I3/3, C1/1, PM3/2, M1/1)Dog: 2(I3/3, C1/1, PM4/4, M2/3)
What happens when you have retained deciduous teeth? possible displacement of the adult teeth, periodontal disease from the plaque being trapped between the primary and adult teeth
what is buccal? the side against the cheecks
what is the lingual? toward the inside of the tooth on the mandibular side
what is palatal? toward the inside of the tooth on the maxillary side
what is occlusal? the way the teeth fit together
What is the fauca? the area where the two jaws join in the back of the oral cavity
what is the soft palate? the posterior portion of the roof of the mouth, which does not have underlying bone
what is the hard palate? the portion of the roof of the mouth that consists of hard bone, covered with a mucous membrane that has irregular ridges, called the rugar palatinae
Give an example of Mesaticephalic Poodle (now spell it)
Give an example of brachycephalic Pug (now spell it)
Give an example of dolichocephalic greyhound (now spell it)
What is the depth of sulcus for dogs and cats Dogs:0-3mm cats:0-2mm
what does a periodontal probe look like? has 6 bands, 4 and 9 are skipped
what does a explore tip On the other side of the periodontal probe, more hooked shaped
what does a scaler look like? have 3 sharp sides and a sharp tip
what does a curette look like? have 2 sharp sides and a round toe
what are the tridan system 4 sections? Upper right - 100 Upper left - 200 lower left - 300 lower right - 400
What do you check when doing an oral exam Noraml occlusion gingiva pharynx sublingual cheek teeth
What is Endodontics? The inside of a tooth, need x-ray to see
what is exodontics? The outside of the teeth
What is CMO? Cranial Mandibular osteodystrophy
what is supernumerary teeth? when there is extra teeth
what is a peg tooth? abnormally formed supernumerary teeth.
what is Gemini teeth? two teeth with the same root
what is malocclusion? one or two teeth are out of alignment
what is anterior cross bite? one or more incisors are malaligned
what is posterior cross bite? the maxillary premolars are lingual to the mandibular
What is wry bite? is a condition in which the central incisors of the mandible and maxilla do not align evenly
what is gingivitis? inflammation of the gingiva
what is stomatitis and faucitis severe inflammation at the commissures that extends into the fauca
What is attrition? results from the friction of teeth against each other
what is enamel hypoplasia? condition cause a temporary debilitation of the patient such as high fever
what is caries? cavities
What is avulsions? the displacement of the tooth from the socket
what is luxations? the partial displacement of the tooth from the socket
what is granulomas? the result from periodontal disease or other irritation
what is gingival hyperplasia? the proliferation of gingival cells
what is fibromatous epulis? a tumor in the tissues of the gingiva
what is fibrosrcoma? occurs in the mandible or maxilla, the create fleshy protruding firm masses that sometimes are friable
what is squamous cell carcinoma? from the epithelium nodular grey to pink irregular masses that invade the bone and cause tooth mobility
Created by: Neonta



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