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Suraical Nursing

VTT 275-Week 1

Immediate Supervision The Vet in direct eyesight and hearing range ex. both you and the vet in the same room
Duties under immediate supervision Cast/splint application, Dental extractions, Anesthesia induction, Surgery assistance, Euthanasia
Direct supervision The Vet is on the premises, and readily available
Duties under direct supervision Intubation, Blood administration, fluid aspiraction from a body cavity, Monitoring vital signs, application of a cast for the immobilization of a fracture, External;non-invasive ultrasonography
Indirect Supervision The Vet is not on the premises but the tech is able to preform the duties by maintaining direct communication
Duties under indirect supervision Teeth Enemas EKG Bandages Catheterization unobstructed bladders Introduction stomach tube Ear Flushing w/ pressure or suction x-ray postioning & Machine operation oral/rectal radio-opaque material oral/topical meds IV fluid analysis collection of tissue i
Pre-Op period obtain pt info through history, PE, & diagnostic testCare of pt includingIV cath;administration of meds, etcMaintenance anesthesia machine& pre the surgery roomInduction of anesthesia as per DVM instructions
Intra-Op Scrub NurseNon-sterile
Post-Op Cleaning the ptplacing necessary bandagesrecovering the ptkeeping the pt comfortable & cleanDischarging the surgical ptCleaning the surgery room
What LVT's cannot do SurgeryDiagnosis & prognosis of animal dzPrescribe, administer, or dispense drugsAny other activity which requires the knowledge, skill and training of a DVM
what information is included in the patient's signalment? Age, gender, breed
why is it important to review all medications and supplements that a patient is talking before beginning the surgery to avoid possible drug interactions, to know if other diagnostic test are indicated, to make any necessary adjestments to the anesthesia protocol
why are leading question inappropriate to ask during the history taking they make the owner feel compelled to answer a certain way, they may encourage the owner to answer inaccurately
which of the following should be assessed suring the history taking pt's attitude & mental status, pt's previous medical problems & treatments, pt's ability to see & hear, pt's gait & body condition
why should taking the patients's temperature be saved for the end of the physical examination most anumals dislike having their temperature taken, & it is easier to do a pe on a coopertive pt; taking the temp early during the PE may make the pt uncooperative for the rest of the examination
which of the following should be performed on the day of the surgery thorough physical examination, review of the t's medical history w/ the owner, verbal review of the consent form & obtaining the owner's signed consent for anesthesia & surgery
which tacic may stop a cat from purring during thoracic auscultation holding a cat near a sink or faucet. w/ or w/o the water running
the minimum database for a young healthy feline pt having elective surgery would most likely include which of the following diagnostic tests PCV/TS, estimate of BUM, & blood glucose
what is the perpose of premedication a pt before inducing anesthasia for surgery to provide a smooth transition to anesthesia, to provide preemptice analgesia, to facilitate a smooth recovery form anesthesia
What provids multimodal analgesia? Opiods, NSAIDs, local anesthetic agents, and alpha2-adrenergic agonists
why should the patients identity be verified before anesthetizing the animal for surgery? to avoid performing surgery on the wrong patient and anesthetizing the wrong patient
what needs to be done to the patinet after the hair clip and before moving the patient into the OR? vaccum the clipped hair and clipped area of the skin, check to see if bladder needs expressing, perform initial skin scrub
what should the surgical nurse don on leaving the surgery suite laboratory coat
What is the purpose of surical hand preparation to sterilize the skin on the surgeon's hands and arms
what is the order of events associated with performing th surgical hand prep and donning the surgical gown and gloves? removal of all jewelryopen gown and glove packsdon cap and maskperform hand prepdry hands using sterile hand towelgownperform closed gloving
anticholinergic drugs such as atropine block the release of acetylcholine at the..? muscarinic receptors of the parasympathetic system
severe bradycardia after the use of medetomidine should be treated with...? atipamezole
What is the minimum databese for any patient?? History, physical examination, diagnostic test, name of the required procedure
What are the two alpha agonists? xylazine and medetomidine
What are the effect that are commonly seen after premedication with the phenothiazine tranquilizers sedation, antiarrhythmic effect, peripheral vasodilation
what are the characteristic effects of benzodiazepines? muscle relaxation, minimal effect on cardiovascular system
what is the physical effects that may be seen after administration of xylazine? bradycardia, bloat, hypoventilation, vomiting
what is the effects of opiod administration? analgesia, increased sensitivity to noise, panting
what reverses opioids naloxone
what drug will precipitate out when mised with other drugs or solutions? diazepam
neuroleptanalgesic is a comination of what an opioid and a tranquilizer
What is the surgical plane of anesthesia? stage III, plane 2
what stage and plane is an animal that holds breath, vocalization, and involuntary movement of the limbs? stage II
what is the anatomic dead space air within the trachea and other airways
what is the minimum acceptable heart reat for an anesthetized large breed dog 60bpm
what respiratory rate should be reported to the veterinarian in an anesthetized dog? 8bpm
What is tachypnea? an increase in respiratory rate
what is atelectasis? collapsed alveoli
what will a patient that has been anesthetized often have? mild respiratory acidosis
after an anesthetic procedure, when is it best to extubate a dog when the animal begins to swallow
hypostatic congestion may be present at the end of the anesthetic protocol is the pooling of blood in the lungs
pulse oximetry allows accurate determination is percent saturation of hemoglobin by oxygen
what does pale mucous membranes indicate? blood loss, anemia, decreased perfusion
what is an endotracheal tube used for decrease dead space, allow for a patent airway, protect the patient from aspiration of vomitus, allow the anesthetist
what problems are associated with endotracheal intubation pressure necrosis of the tracheal mucosa, intubation of a bronchus, spread of infectious desease
what clinical signs will indicate to you that the endotracheal tube is in the trachea the animal may cough as you insert the tube down the trachea, you can feel only one tube in the neck down the trachea, the reservoir bag of the anesthetic machine expands when the patient exhales
an animal under stage III, plane 2, anesthesia would exhibit which of hte following signs? regular respiration, relaxed skeletal muscle tone
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