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Anemia regen. vs non

Clin Path

what are the clinical signs of anemia? pale mucous membranes, exercise intolerance, tachycardia, panting
subclinical signs? icterus/jaundice if hemolysis
syncope means? fainting spell
3 basic causes of anemia? increased loss (hemorrhage), increased destruction (imha or hemolytic anemia), decreased rbc production by bone marrow
2 types of anemia? regenerative and non regenerative
describe regenerative anemia bone marrow is working, increased production of new rbcs/reticulocytes, indicates blood loss or hemolysis
describe non regenerative anemia bone marrow not responding, no or few rbs/reticulocytes, indicates bone marrow defect
corrected reticulocyte count= retic count x patient's pcv/normal pcv; cat=37 and dog=45
what 2 animals don't have reticulocytes? horses and cows
cats have what 2 types of reticulocytes? punctate and aggregates(you only count these)
what does nsaids stand for? nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
chronic blood loss over several weeks causes? iron deficiency
what is aplastic anemia? bone marrow failure due to marrow necrosis/inflammation
what causes aplasitc anemia? erlichia canis, felv
what is neoplasia? crowding of marrow elements w/ neoplastic cells
what is myelofibrosis? hypoplasia of marrow elements w/ replacement by collagen
what is osteopetrosis? inherited disorder w/ increased bone density
what happens in hemolytic anemia and what causes it? rbcs are destroyed; toxins: onion and zinc
describe imha antibodies directed against rbc membrane antigens develop and ab-coated rbcs are removed from circulation by spleen
imha is more common in which gender? females
imha is what in cats? rare
primary imha is? idiopathic
secondary imha is? initiated by a trigger
how do we diagnosis it? regeneration (a lot of reticulocytes), spherocytes
what is the treatment for imha? corticosteriods- high doses of prednisone, azathioprine
what is eia/swamp fever? contagious and potentially fatal viral disease in horses
which tests checks for antibodies to the virus? coggins
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