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Quick breads

Quick bread Vocabulary

Examples of quick breads Waffles, Biscuits,Pancakes, muffins, cornbread
Main nutrients in quick breads Carbohydrates, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron
Types of bread mixtures Pour batter, drop batter, soft dough
What happens when muffins are overmixed? Too much gluten will develop causing toughness and long, narrow tunnels in the muffins
Types of finishes for quick breads Washes, icings, syrup glazes, dry coatings
An unbaked mixture of ingredients that ia thin enough to be scooped, spooned or poured Batter
Small round forms of quick breads often made with baking powder as a source of leavening Biscuits
The degree of density of a mixture or its thickness or thinness Consistency
Method of mixing fat and sugar that adds air to the mixture and helps make the product light and fluffy Creaming
To distribute shortening into dry ingredients in small particles by using a chopping motion Cut-in
A quick bread that is baked in a loaf pan Loaf quick bread
Small individual quick breads made from a batter and baked in a cup-shaped pan Muffins
A mixing method in which shortening is cut into the dry ingredients to help make the product flaky Pastry method
Puffed up individual quick breads that are leavened primarily by the natural action of steam Popovers
Varieties of quick bread products that are simple and quick to prepare, and that do not use yeast as a source of leavening action Quick breads
Contains gluten which forms structure or backbone or bread Flour
Gives tenderness and aids in browning Fat/Shortening
Dissolves the dry ingredients and provides leavening as it is converted to steam Liquid
Enables the quick bread to rise and become light and porous Leavening
Created by: mlbevins