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All ServSafe Topics

Bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins are considered which type of hazard biological
When microorganisms are transfered from one food or surface to another is called cross contamination
Time-temperature control for safety is another way to express the term potentially hazardous
Pesticides, food additives, cleaning supplies and toxic metals are considered which type of hazard chemical
Loss of customers, lowered employee moral, need to retrain, and embarrassment are all consequences of foodborne illness outbreak
which is not a TCS food: cooked rice, tofu, bread, baked potatoes? bread
which is not a high rick population? infants and preschoolers elderly people people taking certain medications or teenagers teenagers
A foodborne illness outbreak is when _______________ experience(s) the same illness after eating the same food two or more people
Hair, dirt, glass, and metal are all considered which type of hazard physical
An illness carried or transmitted to people by food Foodborne illness
What is the water activity level for most potentially hazardous foods? .85
I am associated with the improper reheating of foods such as stews and gravies. I am found in meats and poultry and dishes cooked with these foods. I cause diarrhea and severe abdominal cramps clostridium perfringens
In the acronym FATTOM, F stands for food
I am often associated with baked potatoes, cooked vegetables, and rice dishes. I am commonly associated with cooked cereals bacillus cereus
What are the three bacteria which if you are diagnosed with having as a foodborne illness you must be excluded from work Salmonella, E.Coli, Shigella
In the aconym FATTOM, the first T stands for temperature
In the aconym FATTOM, the O stands for oxygen
In the aconym FATTOM, the second T stands for time
In the aconym FATTOM, A stands for acidity
I am found naturally in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. I cause two different illnesses and I can cause death. People with liver disease and diabetes should avoid foods containing my bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus
What is the temperature range for the temperature danger zone? 41 degrees to 135 degrees
What is the pH range that is optimal for the growth of bacteria? 7.5-4.6
What is another name for potentially hazardous foods? TCS (Time-temperature control for safety)
I am mostly found in humans, particularly in hair, nose, throat and sores. Staphylococcus aureus
I am found in ready to eat foods and beverages. Foodhandlers diagnosed with me must be excluded from the workplace salmonella typhi
Foodhandlers must be exluded from working in the restaurant if they get foodborne illness from me. Control flies inside and outside the business. shigella spp.
I am commonly associated with poultry but I mostly contaminate water campylobacter
You must exclude me from working in your business or labs if you get a foodborne illness from me. I can be found in produce but mostly I am found in ground beef and on surfaces of beef E. Coli
I can be associated with beef, ready to eat foods and other farm animals. You must exclude me from working in your business or labs if you get a foodborne illness from me salmonella spp.
In the aconym FATTOM, the M stands for moisture
I am found in hotdogs, deli meats and unpasteurized dairy.I cause sepsis in newborn infants and spontaneous abortions listeria
I am associated with temperture abused baked potatoes and untreated garlic and oil mixtures.I also cause double vision Clostridium botulinum
What grows under conditions including high acid and low water activity and can produce toxins called aflatoxins? mold
The category of pathogen that is most easily prevented by purchasing food from reputable, approved suppliers is parasites
The virus that is extremely contagious causing diarrhea and vomiting is Novovirus
The category of pathogen that is most easily prevented by using correct personal hygiene is viruses
Which illness includes a symptom called jaundice? Hepatitis A
Which parasite is associated with raw or undercooked fish such as herring and cod? Anisakiasis
What is the best way that parasites can be prevented? purchasing from approved suppliers
These cause people to get sick, cannot be destroyed by cooking, and are produced by bacteria as they grow toxins
Danger of kidney failure that might lead to death is an issue with Hemorrhagic colitis E. Coli
The category of pathogen that probably spoils food more than it causes illness is fungi
Produce such as berries, lettuce, and basil have been linked to this parasite requiring that these products be purchased from approved suppliers Cyclosporiasis
The category of pathogen that includes more instances where controlling time and temperature is the best preventative method is bacteria
Bacteria tends to grow quickly when it is left in the temperature danger zone. What is the longest time that TCS foods should be left in the TDZ? 4 hours
A sign of spoilage includes white or pink discoloration or slime yeast
Most bacteria need nutrients such as carbohydates and what to survive? proteins
What are the two elements of FAT TOM that a food service operation can control? time and temperature
Symptoms include headache, high fever, rash, and abdominal pain Salmonella typhi
The unique symptom of a tingling in the throat and coughing up worms is associated with Anisakiasis
Bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins are considered which type of hazard biological
Day-care and medical communities have had frequent issues with this parasite Cryptosporidiosis
The virus that causes general weakness and a mild fever is Hepatitis A
The term cross contact specifically relates to cleaning equipment that has come in contact with food allergens
Copper and pewter cookware and serveware can become issues in the kitchen when they are used with what types of foods acidic foods
A food allergy CAN start to exhibit symptoms immediately after eating the food
Tuna, bonito, mackerel, and mahimahi are commonly associated with which toxin Histamine (Scromboid)
Toxins are most often prevented by Buying from approved, reputable suppliers
Predatory reef fish from the Pacific such as grouper and snapper are associated with which toxin Ciguatoxin (Ciguatera)
A burning sensation in the throat and reddening of the face and neck are symptoms of Histamine (Scromboid)
Copper, zinc, and pewter as well as hand painted pottery can all be sources of chemical contaminants
The toxin that includes scallops that can eventually lead to confusion, memory loss and death is Domoic Acid (Amnesic)
Of the 5 toxins, which one does not initially include the symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting but instead includes headache and sweating Histamine (Scromboid)
This toxin in clams, mussels and oysters exhibits the symptom of reversal of hot and cold sensation as well as tingling and numbness Brevetoxin (Neurotoxic)
One of the reasons that fingernails and fingernail polish are not allowed in the kitchen is that they can become physical contaminants
Numbness and dizziness as well as tingling in the mouth, face, arms and legs are symptoms of Saxitoxin (Paralytic)
During handwashing, foodhandlers must vigorously scrub their hands and arms for 10 - 15 seconds
Foodhandlers don't have to wash their hands after sanitizing the table
After handwashing, when drying your hands, what should NOT be done use a clean cloth hand towel
Ready-to-eat foods require the employees to wear gloves
Good personal hygiene includes reporting illness to your supervisor/instructor
Joe, a prep cook, has diarrhea he must be excluded from the restaurant
Hand antiseptics that are used in the kitchen should never be used in place of handwashing
During handwashing, the amount of time needed to wet and rinse hands, not including the time to scrub them, is 5 - 10 seconds
Jane, a garde manger chef who works in a large regional hospital, has been diagnosed with a sore throat and occasionally is running a fever she must be excluded from the restaurant
An employee with vomiting or diarrhea can return to work when when they are symptom free for 24 hours
Food handlers CAN chew gum, eat, drink, and/or smoke when taking a break during the work day
Mary, a sous chef, has been diagnosed with hepatitis A she must be excluded from the restaurant
Bill, a line cook at a Chinese restaurant, has a sore throat with a fever he must be restricted from working with or around food
An employee must be excluded from a food service establishment that serves a high risk populations if they have a sore throat with fever
Frozen foods should be received at Frozen solid
Hot TCS foods must be received into the food service operation at what temperature at 135 degrees or above
Milk can be received at 45 degrees F. under what condition It is cooled to 41 degrees F. or lower in 4 hours
How far above the floor should food be stored? at least 6 inches
What is the correct temperature for receiving cold TCS food? 41 degrees F. or lower
How should cartons of coleslaw be checked for the correct receiving temperature? Open a carton and insert a thermometer stem into the food
Live shellfish must be received with what documentation? Shellstock identification tag
What is the problem with storing raw ground beef above prepped salads? Cross-contamination
In top to bottom order, how should a fresh pork roast, fresh salmon, a container of lettuce, and a pan of fresh chicken breasts be stored in a cooler? Lettuce, fresh salmon, fresh pork roast, fresh chicken breasts
How long can ready-to-eat TCS food that was prepped in-house be stored if it was held at 41 degrees F. or lower? 7 days
What is the most important factor in choosing a food supplier? It has been inspected and complies with local, state, and federal laws
Frozen shrimp is rejected during receiving for having large ice crystals on the food and packaging. What is the problem that caused this? time-temperature abuse
What should be done with an item that has been recalled? Remove the item from inventory and place it in a secure location
When storing food using the FIFO method, where should the food with the earliest use-by dates be stored? In front of food with later use-by dates
What must be included on the label or TCS food that was prepped in-house? Date that the food should be thrown out
Create physical barriers between food products Assign specific equipment to each type of food. Clean and sanitize work surfaces, equipment, and utensils after each task
Create procedural barriers between food products Prepare raw meat, fish, and poultry and ready-to-eat food at different times (when using the same prep table). Purchase ingredients that require minimal preparation
describe Infrared Thermometers Used to measure the surface temperature of food and equipment. Must be held as close to the product as possible. Remove barriers between thermometer and product (especially metal or glass)
Calibration is? Adjusting a thermometer in order to get an accurate reading
When preparing eggs for high risk populations Pasteurized eggs or egg products must be used when dishes will be served raw or undercooked
food that must be 165°F (74°C) for 15 seconds Poultry – including whole and ground chicken, turkey and duck. Stuffing made of fish, meat or poultry. Stuffed meats, seafood, poultry and pasta Dishes that include previously cooked TCS foods. Reheating of foods previously prepared and stored
food that must be 155°F (68°C) for 15 seconds ground meats,injected meats, mechanically tenderized meats, ground seafood, shell eggs hot for service
food that must be 145°F (63°C) for 15 seconds seafood, chops, shell eggs for immediate service
food that must be 145°F (63°C) for 4 minutes roasts
A Food Safety Management System is A group of programs, procedures, and measures for preventing foodborne illness.
Two systematic and proactive approaches Active managerial control. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
Active Managerial Control Focuses on controlling the CDC’s 5 most common risk factors responsible for foodborne illness
The HACCP Philosophy: If significant biological, chemical, or physical hazards are identified at specific points within a product’s flow through the operation, they can be:Prevented, Eliminated, or Reduced to safe levels
To be effective, a HACCP system must be based on a written plan It must be specific to each facility’s menu, customers, equipment, processes, and operations and A plan that works for one establishment may not work for another
The Seven HACCP Principles Conduct a hazard analysis. Determine critical control points (CCPs). Establish critical limits. Establish monitoring procedures. Identify corrective actions. Verify that the system works. Establish procedures for record keeping and documentation
A well-designed kitchen will address workflow, Contamination, Equipment accessibility
Porosity is the extent to which a material will absorb liquids
Flooring that is highly porous (absorbent) should be avoided since it Creates an ideal environment for microorganisms
Nonporous flooring should be used in walk-in refridgerators. food-prep areas. restrooms. dishwashing areas
Coving is A curved, sealed edge placed between the floor and wall
coving eliminates? sharp corners or gaps that would be impossible to clean
you should look for which two marks when purchasing equipment? NSF and UL
NSF International mark: Equipment has been evaluated, tested, and certified as meeting international commercial food equipment standards
Underwriters Laboratory (UL) marks: Equipment is in compliance with NSF standards or UL’s own environmental and public health (EPH) standards
how far should the dishwasher from the floor be When selecting and installing dishwashing machines at least 6 inches (15 centimeters) off the floor to permit easy cleaning underneath
The Three Rules of Integrated Pest Management? Deny pests access to the establishment and food and shelter. Work with a licensed PCO to eliminate pests that do enter
what do Cockroaches carry? pathogens such as Salmonella spp., fungi, viruses, and parasite eggs.
Government control of food is exercised at three levels. what are they? federal, state, and local
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)are in which government controlled level? Federal
The USDA is responsible for inspection and quality grading of meat and meat products, poultry, egg and egg products,dairy products, and All foods shipped across state lines or involving more than one state
the FDA inspects Foodservice operations that cross state borders (planes, trains, etc.)true or false? true
An inspector may close an establishment when there is? A significant pest infestation, Clear evidence of a foodborne illness outbreak related to the establishment, or lack of refrigeration
what kind of places are pests usually attracted to? damp, dark and dirty places
what is a PCO? pest control operator
after pesticides are applied, food-contact surfaces should be...? washed, rinsed, and sanitized
when should staff recieve food safety training? when an employee is hired, and then periodically after that
the manager's responsibility for staff food safety training is to? make sure that staff has the knowledge and skills to keep food safe
all new staff should recieve training on? personal hygiene
what is the first task in training a large group of servers to prevent contamination of food? assess the training needs of the servers on this topic
in which training method does a trainer ask a series of questions to draw on the knowledge and experience of the learners? guided discussion
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