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Foods 1 Review

Starches are what type of carbohydrate? Complex
Sugars are what type of carbohydrate? Simple
Sucrose is also known as: Table sugar
What type of leavening agent do quick breads use? Baking soda or baking powder
Serrated or sawtooth edge for cutting bread serrated knife
Drains liquid, larger holes than a strainer colander
Protects counters when cutting/chopping food cutting board
Small bowl at the end of a long handle for dipping hot liquid from a pan. ladle
Used to lift and turn flat foods such as hamburgers/pancakes pancake turner
Used to cut fat into flour pastry blender
Used to measure oils and liquids liquid measuring cup
For incorporating air by beating ingredients together. Wire whisk
For cutting or chopping large ingredients chef's knife
To mix ingredients by gently turning one part over another with a rubber spatula. fold-in
To cut fat into flour with a pastry blender. cut-in
To cook in a small amount of fat, usually in a skillet or a wok. saute
To beat sugar and fat together until fluffy. Cream
T. or Tbs. or Tbsp. Tablespoon
t. or tsp. teaspoon
1 Tbsp. = ____ tsp. 3
1 c. = ____ Tbsp. 16
1/3 c. = ____ Tbsp. 5 1/3
1 stick/cube butter = ____ c. 1/2
1/4 c. = _____ Tbsp. 4
1 c. = _____ fl. oz. 8
16 Tbsp. = _____ c. 1
When measuring brown sugar, it is important to: pack it down and level it off in a dry measuring cup.
The minimum amount of time you should spend washing your hands before cooking is: 20 seconds
The best treatment for a first degree burn is: cold running water
The most common food source for E. coli is undercooked ground beef
The temperature danger zone is between 40-140 degrees
What is NOT okay to put into the microwave? metal
How much water should we have each day? 6-8 cups
The main function of carbohydrates is to: provide energy
The main function of protein is to: build and repair body tissues.
What vitamin is also known as the “sunshine” vitamin? Vitamin D
How can you tell if a fruit or vegetable is fresh or ripe? Smell, color, texture
What are some ways to preserve nutrients when cooking fruits and vegetables? Save the water used to boil the fruits/vegetables in to use in sauces or soups.
Created by: foodsteach
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