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Ch 18- Equine

Three ways in which horses serve humanity transportation, recreation, work
How many inches is a "hand" equal to? 4
Withers base of the neck
Miniature <8.2 hands, ex. American miniature horse
Pony 10.0-14.2 hands, ex. Shetland
Light 14.2-17.2 hands, ex. Arabian
Draft 17.0-19.2 hands, ex. Belgian
Suckling a foal that is still nursing or suckling from the mare
Weanling a foal that has been weaned or separated from the mare. usually weaned at 3 to 6 months of age
Yearling young horse of either sex that is one year old or officially one year old after January 1
Colt young male horse; sometimes used for a newborn of either sex
Filly young female horse
Gelding a castrated horse
Mare a mature female horse
Stallion a mature male horse; sometimes called a stud, especially when used for breeding
Most popular breed used for flat racing thoroughbred
What are two possible results from a horse sweating during work? dehydration and electrolyte imbalances
What does it mean to say a horse is "lathered"? the horse has an accumulation of sweat that is thick and frothy
What does it mean to cool out a horse? the act of walking to cool down an exercised horse
Walk four-beat gait with equal intervals between the beats; slowest gait of the horse and the one it uses most often
Trot a medium-fast, two-beat gait in which the diagonal feet strike the ground at the same time
Pace a medium-fast, two-beat gait in which the legs on the same side of the body strike the ground simultaneously. faster than the trot and takes more athletic energy to maintain
Gallop four-beat gait, horse's fastest gait and differs from other gaits in that it isn't symmetric on the two sides of the horse
Broodmare a mare used primarily for reproductive purposes
Teaser A horse used to determine which mares are in estrus
What does it mean to say a broodmare is settled? she is pregnant or in foal
Gestation cycle of a horse 11 months
Corral/Paddock outdoor area used for holding, exercising, or enclosing horses
Box stall indoor enclosure in a stable or barn where the horse can move freely without being tied in one place
Tie/Slip/Standing stall indoor stall in which the horse is tied in place and can't move about
Floating filing or removing the points on the teeth
Why is a horse's "wolf-tooth" usually extracted? it can interfere with the bit and cause the horse discomfort
What is the major mode of defense that the horse evolved over time? Speed
Does a horse have good peripheral vision? Yes. They can see almost 350 degrees.
Halter the basic headgear used for restraint, also used in confirmation competition classes
Lead rope/Lead shank a strap, rope, or chain attached to the halter and used to lead the horse
Twitch means of restraint in horses, often by using a device twisted on the upper lip or muzzle
Bridle the part of the horse's tack that is placed on its head for riding or driving
Harness Equipment used to attach a horse or horses to carts, wagons, sulkies, or sleighs
Farrier a person who has been trained to trim hooves and make horseshoes, commonly called a blacksmith, smithy, or horseshoer
Thrush a bacterial infection in the frog of the hoof
Strongyles the most serious parasites that can cause disease and debilitation in the horse, a type of bloodworms
Colic abdominal pain
Heaves common name for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and asthmalike, chronic respiratory condition
Laminitis inflammation of the laminae in the foot. chronic laminitis is called Founder
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