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-Cells and Tissues

ANS 205

How is the cell composed 85% water, 10% lipid, 1.5% inorganic matter, 1.5% other
What are the simple proteins inside the cell albumins, protamines, histones, collagen, eslatin
What are the kinds of lipids fatty acids, triglycerides, phospholipids, steroids
What is an example of fatty acids prostaglandins and leukotrienes (saturated and unsaturated)
What is an example of triglycerides glycerol +3 FA
What are triglycerides neutral fats stored in adipose tissue
What is an example of phospholipids phosphate +3 FA
Where are phospholipids found cell membranes
What is an example of steroids C atoms in rings, cholesterol
How much do carbohydrates make up the cell less than 1%
What are three types of carbohydrates monosaccharides, polysaccharides, ribose and deoxyribose and base (DNA and RNA)
What are the cell components cell membrane, cytoplasmic organelles, nucleus
What is the outer membrane of the cell made of plasma membrane, phospholipids, cholesterol, proteins
What type of model is the cell membrane fluid mosaic (phospholipids)
What are the parts that deal with contact and adhesion in the cell membrane desmosomes, tight junctions, gap junctions
Describe passive transport down a concentration gradient
Describe active transport traveling against a concentration gradient using ATP
What is diffusion distribution of a substance in a solvent such that it gets equally concentrated
What is facilitated diffusion down a concentration gradient but requires a carrier system (transmembrane protein)
How does alcohol affect something quickly it doesn't need and transporters to help it diffuse
What is osmosis movement of water across membranes
What are aquaporins transmembrane proteins that are water channels
What is osmotic pressure force that moves the water from side with lower solute concentration to the side with higher in a cell
What is a solution that has the same osmotic pressure all over isotonic
What is the usual NaCl concentration for an isotonic solution 0.9%
What is a hypotonic solution solution has lower osmotic pressure
What is a hypertonic solution solution has higher osmotic pressure
What type of solution would cause crenation hypertonic
What type of solution would cause hemolysis hypotonic
What is phosphorylation carrier causes change in shape and movement of molecule
What is dephosphorylation protein returns to its original shape
What is high inside and outside of the cell in use of the NA-K ATPase pump outside-high NA, inside-high K
Does the NA-K ATPase pump move molecules along or against the concentration gradient against
What is the liquid component of the cytoplasm cytosol
What are the organelles in the cytoplasm endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes, lysosomes
What are the parts of the cytoplasm cytosol, organelles, cytoskeleton
What is stored in the smooth E.R. calcium
What is the rough E.R. covered in ribosomes
What occurs in the rough E.R. protein synthesis and glycosylation
Describe the mitochondria double membrane with crista
What is the enzymes in the mitochondria associated with Kreb's cycle
Where is ATP produced mitochondria
What are lysosomes membrane-bound vesicles that contain hydrolytic enzymes
Where can you find lysosomes E.R. and golgi
What type of blood cells are lysosomes located WBCs
What do lysosomes do engulf and degrade intracellcular organelles
What is the lifespan of RBCs 120 days
What are the parts of the cytoskeleton microtubules, intermediate filaments, microfilaments
What are the microtubules in the cytoskeleton scattered throughout cytoplasm, largest and most rigid
What are the intermediate filaments in the cytoskeleton cell junction like desmosomes
What are microfilaments in the cytoskeleton spindle fibers during cell division, cilia
Where is DNA located nucleus
What is the nucleus surrounded by double membrane
What are cells with no nucleus RBCs
What does strata mean greek for layers
What are the basic types of tissues epithelial, connective, muscle, nervous
What are the parts of epithelial tissue simple and stratified
What are the types of cells in epithelial tissue squamous, cuboidal, columnar
Where can simple squamous epithelial tissue be found alveoli in the lungs
Where can simple cuboidal epithelial tissue be found kidney and glands
Where can simple columnar epithelial tissue be found digestive tract, respiratory tract in bronchus
Where can pseudostratified columnar epithelial tissue be found trachea
Where can stratified squamous epithelial tissue be found upper digestive tract
Where can stratified cuboidal epithelial tissue be found mammary, salvary, sweat glands
Where can stratified columnar epithelial tissue be found urethra
Where can transitional epithelial tissue be found urinary system, bladder
What is muscle tissue used for contractile force and movement
Which tissue is exciteable, meaning they conduct signals to exchange ions muscle
What are the types of muscle tissue cardiac, smooth, skeletal
What is locomotion the movement of the entire animal as well as the internal processes
Where can you find cardiac muscle tissue heart
Where can you find smooth muscle tissue lining and protecting internal organs
What is the function of connective tissue serves to connect other tissues and gives form and strength to organs
What are the two types of connective tissue loose and dense
What are the other types of connective tissue adipose (fat), cartilage, bone, blood
What does adipose tissue do protects against temperature changes
What is blood connective tissues composed of water and solutes
What is a cartilaginous mature cell chondrocyte
Where can you find cartilage connective tissue costal cartilage
What are the cells in bone osteocytes
What are the bone cells collectively called osteonae
What kind of a cell is a -blast immature cell
What kind of cell is a -cyte mature cell
What type of signals does nervous tissues send excitable, electrical, chemical
What type of cells support nervous tissue glial (insulation)
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