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AM 22 Vocabulary

Uisng gas welding equipment

Weld to join by fusion; the seam created by fusion.
Fusion joining by melting
Gas any fluid substance that can expand without limit
Compress to reduce in volume by pressure
Flammable capable of burning easily
Apparatus equipment necessary to carry out a function
Manifold device with openings to serve two or more units.
Oxyacetylene oxygen and acetylene combined
Rig a piece of apparatus assembled to conduct an operation.
Torch an assembly that mixes gases and discharges them to support a controllable flame.
Cylinder long round tank with extremely thick walls built to hold gases under great pressure.
Valve a device that controls the flow of water or gas.
Regulator a device that keeps pressure at a set level or controls the rate of flow of a gas or liquid.
Gauge a device used to measure and indicate pressure in a hose, pipe, or tank.
Crack the cylinder turn gas on and off quickly to blow dust from the opening.
Hose flexible line that carries gases or liquids.
Seat a stationary or non
Purge the lines remove undesirable gases
Carbonizing flame a flame with an excess of acetylene
Neutral flame flame with a balance of acetylene and oxygen.
Oxidizing flame flame with an excess of oxygen: hottest type of oxyfuel flame.
Tip cleaner rod with rough edges designed to remove soot, dirt, or metal residue from the hole in a the tip of a torch.
Bleeding the lines removing the pressure from all lines and equipment.
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