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GP U2 Pro Practice

S6: The concept of a patient-centred approach

living in accordance with your own values is known as ? C Congruence
seeing the person’s world from their perspective is known as ? E Empathy
accepting and showing respect for the person is known as ? UPR Unconditional positive regard
An appropriate environment is one where which 3 core-conditions are present Congruence , Empathy , Unconditional positive regard
what type of interviewing helps to allay feelings of ambivalence by accepting doubts as a natural, valuable part of the process Motivational interviewing
what is the rationale of motivational interviewing to allow people to be persuaded and motivated by themselves
what style of interviewing would be used in Motivational interviewing Conversational
what interviewing technique helps people to talk themselves into changes that are based on their own values Motivational interviewing
how do a lot of ‘helpers’ fall into the trap of jumping in to fix a problem by using their values and approach as opposed to thinking in the clients shoes
a collaborative, conversational style of helping is known as ? MI Motivational interviewing
Where must you ensure a clients motivation comes from ? form themselves
At consultation what two important things must be addressed about how their program can progress ? M&B Motivations and barriers
Name some motivators (reason to change) More Energy, Lose Weight, Feel Better
Name some barriers Feeling Depressed, No time, To Tired
Which consulting skill in Motivational Interviewing requires you to support people through their decision-making process in an attentive, empowering way ? HH Helpful Helping
The essence of motivational interviewing is to understand which two things ? M&B Motivations and barriers
It is essential that you focus on motivation rather than trying to enforce what to soon ? change
which conversations focus on motivation and are helpful ? Why
Why are closed conversation questions unhelpful ? They request a yes/no answer and stop conversation flow
What kind of questions are good way to start a consultation? open questions
Open questions begin with the words: “How?” and “Why?” For example: “How are you?”, why are open questions a good idea ? They elicit an open response, rather than a simple “yes” or “no” answer.
In a consultation, we need to be mindful of what information we set out to gather and avoid asking so many questions, why ? dont want the client feeling interrogated!
which statements are used to recognise a person’s attributes or acknowledge the positive actions they have taken ? A Affirming statements
which listening technique is a way of showing empathy Reflective
Reflective listening is a way of showing empathy. It achieves this by repeating the words the person uses which is known as ? SR simple reflection
Reflective listening is a way of showing empathy by using statements that show an understanding of what the person has said rather than repeating their words is known as ? CR complex reflection
Reflective listening uses which two types of refelction SR & CR simple reflection + complex reflection
Which statements are effective for reframing negative thoughts when people are lacking in confidence. AS Affirming statements
“You tried golf to see if you liked it” is an affirming statement; TRUE/FALSE TRUE: It’s a positive acknowledgement that the client tried a new sport. This could be important for motivation and encouragement if he sees giving up as a failure.
“You want to feel better” is an example of reflective listening. TRUE/FALSE TRUE: Repeating the client’s statement shows empathy in recognising its importance. It can also be used to encourage reflective conversation.
“I bet you wish you had kept playing golf” + “Having a beer is more important than exercise” could be judged as what type of statement judgemental
Example of a good consultation summarising statement... “On one hand you would like to feel better and have more energy and lose some weight (CHANGE), yet, on the other hand, you feel tired and when you get home you want to sit down, have a beer and relax (NO CHANGE)
describe a mindset that imposes the helper’s value system on people, rather than appreciating the clients own. CPR Conditional positive regard - These would be damaging to your working relationship
Conditional positive regard example.... a parent loves and supports his child as long as the child maintains A grade average and helps out on household chores
SMART for goal setting Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant or rewarded Time-framed
What are the benefits of SMART goal setting It is a strategic, logical approach.
What is the term used to describe the extent to which we believe our actions can influence our destiny ‘Locus of control’ (Rotter 1950s)
which type of people believe that they can take control of their lives. They’re more likely to take action as they’re self-motivated, committed and determined. People with an internal locus
which type of people take a fatalistic view and believe life to be a matter of luck which is outside their control. People with an external locus
which type of locus people who lack motivation to change as they don’t see how it will help. They need more support in making lifestyle changes, and more encouragement through the process People with an external locus
you think you can make a difference and take control of your life through your actions is a person with what type of locus ? Having an internal locus
Created by: LeeNelson
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