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Agriculture-1 Review

photosynthesis the process by which plants make food
oxygen and glucose products of photosynthesis
water and carbondioxide reactants of photosynthesis
angiosperm plants that bear flowers
gymnosperm plants that do not bear flowers
loam the best type of soil for planting
chloroplast organelle in plant cells where photosynthesis takes place
mitochondria organelle that supplies cells with energy
cell wall the outermost layer of a plant cell
parenchyma most abundant plant cells that store food
collenchyma cells that make plants flexible
sclerenchyma cells that make plants hard and strong
dermal tissues that cover outer parts of plants
vascular tissues that transport substances in plants
xylem the system that carries water and minerals up to the leaves
phloem the system that carries food from the leaves down to the roots
terminal bud bud at the tip of the tree
lateral bud the bud at the side of the stem
tracheid cells cells that make-up the xylem
companion cells cells that make up the phloem
tap root type of root with a large main part
fibrous root root with all the parts the same size
monocotyledonous seed seed with one cotyledon
dicotyledonous seed seed with two cotyledons
primary growth growth that makes the shoot taller
secondary growth growth that makes the plant thicker
cambium the structure that makes cells for the ploem and xylem
lenticel name of the pore in the stem
stoma name of the pore in the leaf
petiole attaches the leaf to the stem
stolon a horizontal stem that grows above ground
rhizome a horizontal stem that grows below ground
bulb an erect stem that grows below ground and is covered with leaves
palisade largest cell in the leaf
stomata the pleura of stoma
cuticle the waxy covering of the leaf
guard cells the cells at the side of a stoma
transpiration process by which plants give off water to the atmosphere
stamen male part of the flower
carpel female part of the flower
ovule female reproductive cell of a plant
pollen grain male reproductive cell of a plant
fertilization process by which male and female sex cells join
pollination process by which pollen grains come in contact with the stigma of a flower.
dormancy period just before germination when the seed is not growing
germination process by which a seed turns into a seedling or young plant
dispersion the scattering of seeds
auxins hormone that affect growth in the stem
cytokinin hormone that affect growth in roots
ethylene hormone that affect ripening of fruits
gibberellin hormone that affect size of stem and fruits
thigmotropism plant growth response to touch
phototropism plant growth response to light
geotropism plant growth response to gravity
hydrotropism plant growth response to water
stimulus anything that causes a plant to respond
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