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EXTN 11:Mod1

Agricultural Extension and Communication:M1 Context of Extension

Philippines is considered as an _______ country. agricultural
Top 3 largest countries by population. China, India, U.S.A
Rank of the Philippines by population. 13th
Rank of the Philippines by land mass 64th
Published by Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser Agricultural Production - Our World in Data
When does Our World in Data published? March 2020
Rate of Cereal Production in the Philippines and its status in 2018. 20.49 million tonnes- a lot lower compared to the top 10 cereal producers.
Top 3 cereal producers in the World during 2018 China, U.S. India
Philippine Maize production and its status during 2018. 7.77 million tonnes- is also a lot lower compared to the top 10 maize producers.
Top 3 maize producers in the World during 2018 United States, China, Brazil
What rank is the Philippines in Rice production in the global level during 2018 7th rank
How much rice did the Philippines produced during 2018 and its status. 19.07 million tonnes- even with the high rank, Philippines still needs to import rice from other countries.
Rate of coffee bean production in the Philippines during 2018 and its status. 60, 313 million tonnes- lags behind other countries.
Total Area is the totality of the addition of what factors? land area + water bodies
Top 3 countries ranked by area Russia, Canada and China
Apparent reason as to why South East Asian countries declined in their agricultural GVA in 1995- 2000 Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-1998- Philippines hen is slow in its recovery but is resilient.
It declares that the State shall adopt an area-based sectoral and focused on intervention for poverty alleviation. RA 8425 or Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act
On what section of RA 8425 does the disadvantaged small farmers and fisherfolks are included? Section 3
What other sectors are included in the Section 3 of 8425 Women, youth and students, people with disability, victims of disasters and calamities, indigenous people and cultural communities, urban poor.
On what particular sector in agriculture does the poverty incidence is high Corn farmers, coconut farmers and fisherfolks
Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES) data shows what result in the year 2009 has 26.5 result of poverty incidence which higher than in 2006 that has 26.4
RA 8435 is also known as? Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997
How many objectives are there in RA#8435? 10 objectives
What is the first objective? Modernize the agriculture and fisheries by turning int o technology-based industry.
State second objective. To enhance production and income by ensuring equitable access to asset, resources and services, and promoting high value crops, value-added processing, agribusiness and agro-industrialization.
What is the third objective? To ensure accessibility, availability and stable supply of food to all at all times.
To encourage horizontal and vertical integration, consolidation and expansion of agriculture and fisheries activities, groups, functions and other services through the organization of ____and enable these entities to _____. cooperatives, small farmer's&fisherfolk's association, corporations, nucleus estates, consolidated farms;benefit from economies of scale, afford a stronger negotiating position, pursue focused, efficient&appropriate RD efforts & hire professional managers
What is the fifth objective? To promote people empowerment by strengthening people's organizations, cooperatives, NGOs; establish&improve mechanism processes for their participation in goevernment decision-making and implementation
State the sixth objective To pursue market-driven approach to enhance the comparative advantage of our agriculture and fisheries to the world market.
State seventh objective To induce A&F to continuously ascend the value added ladder by subjecting their traditional and new products to further processing in order to minimize the the marketing of raw, unfinished or unprocessed products.
What is the eight objective? To adopt policies to promote industry dispersal and rural industrialization by providing incentives to local and foreign investors to establish industries in the backward linkages of the country.
What is the ninth objective? To provide
What is the last objective of AFMA? To improve
How many principles does the AFMA have? 7 principles
Ensure that poorer sectors have equitable access to resources, income opportunities, basic & support service, infrastructure especially in areas where productivity is low as a means of improving their quality of life compared with other sectors of society Poverty Alleviation and Social Equity
The State shall assure the availability, adequacy, accessibility and affordability of food supplies to all at all times; Food Security
Adopt a rational approach in the allocation of public investments in agriculture and fisheries in order to assure efficiency and effectiveness in the use of scarce resources and thus obtain optimal returns on its investments. Rational Use of Resources
The State shall enhance the competitiveness of the agriculture and fisheries sectors in both domestic and foreign markets Global Competitiveness
Promote development that's compatible with preservation of ecosystem in areas where A&F activities are carried out. The State should exert care and judicious use of the country’s natural resources in order to attain long term sustainability Sustainable Development
Promote people empowerment by enabling citizens direct participation/their duly elected, chosen or designated representatives the opportunity to participate in policy formulation&decision-making,establishing appropriate mechanisms&access to information. People Empowerment
Protect small farmers and fisherfolk from unfair competition such as monopolistic and oligopolistic practices by promoting a policy environment that provides them priority access to credit and strengthened cooperative-based marketing system Protect from Unfair Competition
What is Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization? Process of transforming A&F into one that is dynamic, technologically advanced and competitive yet centered on human development, guided by the sound practices of sustainability and the principles of social justice
What does Sustainable Development implies? That future generations must not suffer from the consequences of the present generation’s actions affecting the environment in pursuit of development.
Their statements are the reference used in showing the agriculture in the Philippines over the years. Cielito F. Habito and Roehlano M. Briones
CF. Habito and RM. Briones states that although the Philippines is regarded as an agricultural country, the result and its contribution states otherwise, why? It has low contribution of just 1/5 or 20% of GDP. Starting from 1960s, it has fallen below 1/3 GDP and by 1980, its GDP only accounted for 23% with the growth of 1.7% per annum(1981-2003). Contrary to industry and services significantly rise.
Aside from production, on what other aspect does the agriculture contributes in GDP? What is its standing? Employment; has 37% of jobs coming from this sector.
With production and employment contribution of agriculture, why is it still has a lower percentage of contribution in GDP? Because the service sector accounts for close to half of both the
When includes the agro-processing agricultural inputs, manufacturing and trading along with basic production, how many percent is the agricultural GDP? 40% and 2/3 of jobs
Why is agriculture risky? It displays the most erratic growth among other sectors with quarterly fluctuation
Why is agriculture important? What is its vital role if it did not withstand the challenges? First, it provides food and vital raw materials. Second, provides significant market for non-agricultural economy. Third, grows and modernize in the face of limited supplies of land.
What is Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDs)? it is the plan consistently recognized by successive administration due to its importance of energizing and modernizing the agricultural sector in the overall pursuit of a vigorous and broad-based economic growth and development.
When is the date of AFMA enacted? December 22, 1997
What are the three broad provision being covered by the AFMA? 1. production and marketing support services; 2. human resource development; 3. research development and extension; 4. Rural non-farm employment; 5. trade and fiscal incentives; 6. general provisions
SAFDZ is under the Production and Marketing Support Services, what does it stands for? What does it do? Strategic Agriculture and Fisheries Development Zones; ensures the dev't of lands efficiently and sustainably, formulate&implement medium&long term AFMP, access credit;dev't of irrigation systems, market information system;dev't of rural infrastructure
What are the agencies plans are under Human Resource Development? NAFES; Network of National Centers of Excellence in A&F Education; National Integrated Human Resource Plan; Elementary and Secondary level education and Post-Secondary Education Program of A&F
Research and development under AFMA consolidates the National Research&Development System in A&F by concerned agencies notably the DA and DOST; multidisciplinary; budget for RD be atleast 1% of the Gross Value Added-20% will be spent on basic research,80% is for applied research&tech dev't
Rural Non-Farm Employment under AFMA Has Basic Needs Program to rapidly shift to industrialization, complemented by Rural Industrialization and Industry Dispersal Program
One of the major aspects of AMAT and BSA students and Board Exam for Agriculture graduates Agricultural Extension and Communication
A degree program designed to prepare professionals with general competencies in carrying out science, art, ethics, management and entrepreneurial business within the context of integrated and sustainable agriculture resource system. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA)
Refers to a person who has the competence to scientifically diagnose and pursue opportunities; design and implement appropriate strategies; manage resources and information for gainful and sustainable dev't of the agricultural&food system resources. Agriculturist
AFMA in this has a major objective to provide an enabling policy for Philippine A&F products to gain competitive edge in domestic and foreign market by providing credit access&strengthened cooperative-based marketing system;tariff exemptions Trade and Fiscal Incentives
General Provision under AFMA has an initial P20 billion for implementation in 1999 and a continuing P17 billion appropriation annually in the next six years. How will the budget be disbursed? Starting with 30% for irrigation, 10% post-harvest facilities.. 10%agro-industry modernization credit&financing;10% other infrastructure;10% RD,8% marketing assistance,6% salary supplement of ext'n worker/service;5%capability building;5% Nat'l A&F Educ'l System;4%NIN;1.75%R-NF employment training&0.25% for SAFDZ
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