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NCAgProI PPAbilities

Ag Pro I Parli Pro Abilities for North Carolina curriculum

How do you present a new idea or item of business? Main motion
How many main motions can be on the floor at one time? one
When you are discussing an item of business it is said to be on the what? the floor
What is the first thing you have to do to start a main motion? Address the presiding officer
What is the second thing you have to do to start a main motion? get recognized
What is the third thing you have to do to start a main motion? State the motion
What does the motion require to be considered by the group? a second
What are the two ways you can state a main motion? I move to… or I move that…
What is it called when one more than half of a group supports an idea? simple majority
What type of vote is needed when the motion affects the rights of the members? two-thirds majority vote
Who announces the result of a vote? the Chairman
What word means to close the meeting? adjourn
What ability sends a motion to a committee? Refer to Committee
What do you say when somebody makes a mistake in parliamentary procedure? Rise to a point of order
What do you say to get a counted vote instead of just “yay” or “nay”? Division of the House
How do you change a motion? amend it
What do you say if you want to stop discussion? Previous question
What type of vote does Previous question require to be passed, two-thirds or simple majority? two-thirds majority vote
Created by: wmhill