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NC Ag Pro I Gen FFA

General FFA knowledge for AgPro I for North Carolina

To make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success. What is the FFA mission statement?
Rituals that add dignity to a meeting and explain the meaning of certain traditional emblems. What are opening and closing ceremonies?
Who presides over meetings? president
Who keeps minutes of all meetings? secretary
Who prepares the budget and keeps financial records? treasurer
Who serves on public relations committees and advertises? reporter
What helps in setting goals and developing plans and steps to reach those goals. This includes dates and events. helps in setting goals and developing plans and steps to reach those goals.
What is a CDE? Career Development Event
A student with an interest in chickens could participate in which CDE event? Poultry Judging
A student interested in horses could compete in which CDE? Horse Judging
A student with an interest in math and business could compete in which CDE? Farm Business Management
Entrepreneurship or placement individual awards that grow out of a student’s SAE program. entrepreneurship or placement individual awards growing out of a student’s SAE program.
What is an SAE? Supervised Agricultural Experience
Created by: wmhill



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