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NC Agriscience Tools

This is the agriscience tool list for North Carolina

adjustable wrench turns various size nuts and bolts
Phillips screwdriver turns Phillips head screws
pipe wrench used to turn and hold pipe
slotted screwdriver used to turn slotted screws
regular socket a general-purpose socket for turning nuts and bolts
bolt tap used to cut inside threads in order to repair damaged threads on a nut
cold chisel used for cutting metal
cutting torch used for cutting metal with heat
hacksaw used for sawing metal
portable circular saw used for sawing wood in construction projects
Calipers give the most accurate diameter measurement of round objects
chalk line reel used to mark straight lines
tape rule used for straight or curved measuring down to 1/16”
tree diameter tape used to measure circumference of a tree
zigzag rule a folding rule used for straight measuring down to 1/16”
ball peen hammer used for hammering metal
nail hammer used for driving nails
nail set used for countersinking nail heads, below the surface of wood
pin punch used for driving out metal pins
sledgehammer used for heavy hammering
bar clamp used to clamp large sections of wood together
C clamp used for clamping two or more pieces of metal together
drill press vise used to hold stock while drilling
hand screw clamp used for clamping wood together
Vise grip pliers used for extra firm gripping
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