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vet med pharmo

drugs for vet. med for different systems

chemical name describes the drugs chemical compostition
nonproprietary name AKA: generic nameconcise name given to the specific chemical compound
proprietary name AKA: trade nameunique name given by a manufacture
Tablets powdered drugs compressed into pills or disks
Capsules powdered drugs enclosed within gelatin capsule
Enteric-coated tablets have a covering that protects the drug from the acid in the stomach to prevent dissolving before reaching intestine
suppositories inserted into the rectum, absorbed into the intestinal wall
sustained release form of oral drug that release small amnts of the drug into the intestinal lumen over extended time
Solution drug dissolved in a liquid vehivle that doesnt settle out if left standing
Suspension contains drug partivles that are suspended in the liquid vehicle*particles settle tot he bottom if left standing
syrups solutions of drugs with water and sugar
Elixirs solutions of drugs dissolved in sweetened alcohol
tincture alchol solutions meant for topical application
components of a a prescription -name, adress, number of clinic-date-client name, address, species of animal, animal name-Rx symbol-drug name, concentration, #of units to be dispended -Sig- directions for the client-doctor signature-DEA# if controlled substance
1 gram =___ mg 1000
1 liter= ___ml 1000
1 dram(dr)= ___ml 4
1oz=___ml 30
1 grain(gr)= ___mg 65
1 kg=__ lb 2.2
1 ml=__cc 1
1 tsp= __ml 5
1 tbsp=__ ml 15
30 cc=__ oz 1
1 cup=__oz 8
2 cups =__ pint 1
4 components of compensatory mechanisms 1. + heart rate2. + stroke volume3. + efficiency of heart4. heart enlargement
Use of Digitalis tx of CHFatrial fibrillationsupraventricular tachycardia
examples of Digitalis Digoxin and digitoxin
adverse side effect of Digitialis anorexia, V/D, arrhythmias
Drugs that when given along with digitalis cause adverse side effects cimetidine, metoclopramude, diazepam, anticholinergics
what do Catecholamines do + the force and rate, + blood pressure, + blood glucose
Catecholamines are mainly used for ____ term management of severe ____. short term, heart failure
Epinephrine is a _____. catecholimine
uses of epinephrine cardiac resuscitation and tx of anaphylaxis
routes of administration for epinephrine intracardiac, intratrachial, IV
adverse effects of epinephrine hypertension, arrhythmias, anxiety, excitability
what kind of drug is Isoproternol? Catecholamine
when is the use of Isoproternol indicated? Atropine- resistant bradycardia, sometimes in tx of cardiac disease
what kind of drug is Dopamine? catecholamine
uses of Dopamine acute heart failure, oliguric renal failure and suppostive tx of shock
advesre effects of dopamine vomit, tachycardia, dyspnea, -/+ blood pressure
what kind of drug is Dobutamine? catecholamine
Dobutamine and _______ are realated, but dobutamine has little tendencys to increase heart rate Dopamine
define arrhythmia a variation from the normal rhythm if the heart
arrhythmias are commonly a result of ____. reduced cardiac output
what are the 6 different class's of antiarrhythmic drugs? IA, IB, IC, II, III, IV
class IA drugs are used for what? tx both atrial and ventricular arrhythmias
examples of IA drugs Quinidine and procainamide
use of quinidine atrial fibrillation, ventricular arrhythmias/tachycardia
adverse effects of quinidine anorexia, V/D, weakness,laminitis in horses
use of procainamide long term tx of PVC, ventricular and atrial tachycardia
adeverse effects of procainamide anorexia, V/D, hypotension
which class of antiarrhythmic drugs are not used in veterinary medicine? Class IC
what is the function of Class IB antiarrhythmic drugs? block the influx of sodium into the cell = decreasing the cells automaticity
example of IB antiarrhythmic drug Lidocaine
what are the uses of Lidocaine? conrol of PVC and tx of venricular tachycardia
which species is more sensative to adverse effects of Lidocaine? feline
class II are also known as beta blockers, they are beta adrenergic blockers
example of class II antiarrhythmic drug propranolol
what is the use of propranolol tx of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and tx of arrhythmias
adverse effects of propranolol bradycardia, hypotension, worsening heart failure, letharfy and depression
when using propranolol what is one thing you should never do reguarding therapy. DONT discontinue therapy abruptly
what is the function of Class IV antiarrhythmic drugs? block the channels that permit entry of calcium ions
what is an example of a class IV drug? verapamil
what is verapamil used for? tx tachicardia, and atrial flutter/fibrillations
what are the adverse side effects of verapamil hypotension, bradycardia, tachycardia, pulmonary edema
what is the function of vasodilators? dilate arteries, veins or both
examles of vasodilators hydralazine, nitroglycerin ointments
use of`hydralazine reduces after load
forms of hydralazine tablets of injection
adverse side effects of hydralazine hypotension, V/D, sodium and water retension and tachycardia
nitroglycerin ointment use improves cardiac output, used as as a leg sweat to reduce swelling and tx laminitis
what does ACE inhibitors stand for? angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
what do ACE inhibitors do? they prevent the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II by inhibiting ACE
what are examples of ACE inhibitors enalapril and captopril
what is the use of enalapril and captopril? tx of heart failure
what might happen when captopril is used along with NSAIDS? the effectiveness may be reduced
give 3 examles of vasodilators enalapril, nitroglycerin ointment, hydralazine
what is an expectorant drug that liquiefy and dilute viscid secrestions of the resp. tract
when is the use of and expectorant indicated? when a productive cough is present
what is an example of and expectorant guaifenesin (glycery guaiacolate)
what are the uses of guaifenesin relief of cough symptoms and equine muscle relaxation
mucolytic drug that breaks down mucous
acetylcycstine is what type of drug? mucolytic
clinical uses of acetylcycstine break down thick resp. secrestions
acetaminophan toxicity is treated by what drug? acetylcsteine
acetylcsteine is AKA mucomyst
what is the function of an antitussive inhibits of suppress coughing
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