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Sheep Production

Sheep Production & Breeds

Mature Female Sheep Ewe
Mature Male Sheep Ram
Immature Female Sheep Ewe Lamb
Immature Male Sheep Ram Lamb
Young Sheep Lamb
Process of sheep giving birth Lambing
Act of sheep mating Tupping
British medium wool breed with clean black head and legs. Suffolk
British medium wool Black faced breed with some wool on poll and legs. Hampshire
Length of wool fiber Staple
Meat from a sheep younger than 1 year Lamb
Meat from an sheep older than 1 year Mutton
Process of removing the tail Docking
Process of removing the testicles of a male Castration
Castrated male Wether
oldest breed of sheep Mouflan
Sheep breed known to have litters of lambs Finnsheep
Breed known as the wool breed Merino
South African Breed of sheep Dorper
Hair Breed of sheep. Starts with a "K" Katahdin
White faced medium wool breed with light skin Dorset
White faced medium wool breed with dark skin and usually small framed Southdown
Process of preparing ewes to breed by feeding grain and high quality hay prior to breeding season Flushing
Animals that breed when the days are short Short day breeders
Length of day (light) Photoperiod
First milk produced by the ewe that is rich with antibodies Colostrum
The most ideal number of lambs born per ewe Twins
Gestation period 145 days
Sheep digestive system Ruminant System
Ruminant stomachs have how many chambers? Four
Sheep are designed to consume what types of feed? High Fiber
A high fiber feed is also called what? Roughage
Newborn lambs should have their navels dipped with what? Iodine Tincture
What does Iodine Tincture do to a fresh umbilical cord? Dries and Disinfects
Most sheep need to be sheared how many times a year? Once
The process of removing a sheep's wool: Shearing
One year's growth of wool is called what? Fleece
Sheep's mouths have top and bottom sets of? Molars
Sheep's mouths have only which set of front teeth? Bottom
The bolus of food which a ruminant regurgitates to re-chew is called a : Cud
The number of teats on a ewe's udder: Two
Sheep that are bred not to grow horns: Polled
Sheep that grow horns: Horned
The process of breeding a specie so that it becomes more useful to humans Domestication
Disease that affects the nervous systems and brains of infected sheep. Scrapie
Genetic disease that kills lambs, found mostly in the Suffolk breed. Spider Gene
Tetanus and Clostridium are examples of? Sheep Vaccines
Vaccines should be given when? Annually
Created by: MrDiaz