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Roots - Veterinary

PennFoster Intro to Vet Terminology Roots

abdomino abdomen
acro extremity; highest
adeno gland
aero air
algesi sense of pain
andro male
angio vessel
ankylo stiffness; immobility
arterio artery
artho joint
bio life
blast bud
brachi arm
broncho air passages
bucco cheek
carcino cancer
cardio heart
carn flesh
carpo wrist
caudo tail
cephalo head
cerebro brain
cervico neck
chondro cartilage
colo large
colpo vagina
costo rib
cranio skull
cyto cell
dento teeth
dermo skin
dermato skin
digiti fingers, toes
dorso back
electro electric
encephalo inside of the head; brain
entero small intestine
eso carrier
esthesio sensation
estro female
gastro stomach
genus beginning
gingiva gums
gnosis knowledge
hemo blood
hepato liver
hydro water
hystera uterus
ileo ileum (of the intestine)
ilio ileum (of the pelvis)
ischi hip; pelvis
lacrimo tears
lacto milk
laparo abdominal wall
lipo fat
litho stone
lumbo lower back
lympho lymphatic tissue
malaco softening
melano darkness; blackness
meter measure
morph structure; shape
myco fungus
narco sleep
necro dead
nephro kidney
neuro nerve
olfact smell
oo egg
opthalmo eye
opia sight
orchido testicle
oro mouth
osteo bone
oto ear
ova egg
parie wall
patho disease
phagia eat
phelbo vein
phono sound
pilo hair
pluero rib; side
pneumono lung
pod foot
psuedo false
psycho mind
ptosis prolapse
pulmo lung
pyo pus
rhina nose
scope view
thoraco thorax (chest)
tropho growth; nourishment
ur, urino urine
uro tail
vaso vessel
vivi live
zyg union; pair
derma skin
cyte cell
oma tumor
opia vision
emia condition of the blood
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