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Head and Neck Joints

Joints and ligaments of the head, neck and thorax

Name the articulation of the mandibular joint Art. Duplex
Name cavities formed Membrana synovialis Dorsale Membrana synovialis Ventrale
Membrana synovialis Dorsale connection Processus Zygomaticus Os Temporalis Discus Art.
Membrana synovialis Ventrales connection Discus Articulares Condylarus Mandibulares
Ligaments of the mandible Lig. Laterale Lig. Caudale
Lig. Laterale (Origin and insertion) Processus Zygomaticus os Temporalis Condylaris Mandibulares
Lig Caudale (in eq and bo) Processus retroarticulares Collum Mandibulare
Name the articulations at the base of the neck Art. Atlantooccipitales Art. Atlantoaxial Art. Processus
Describe the Atlantoocipital joint Art. Simplex Art. Ellipsoida (Flex and Extension) Articulation between the condylaris occipitales and fovea articulares craniales
Name the membranes of the atlantooccipital joint Membrana Atlantoocipitales dorsales/ventrales Condylares Occipitalis and margo craniales ala alantis
Ligaments in atlantoocipital joint Lig. Laterale
Describe the Atlantoaxial joint Art. Simplex Art. Trochoidea (Rotational) Fovea dens and Dens Axis
Ligaments of the Atlantoaxial Joint Lig. Transversarum Atlantis (Car) Lig. Longitudinale Dentis (bo, eq) Lig. Apics Dentis (ca., bo.)
Lig. Transversarum Atlantis (Org & Insert) Canalis Atlantis Ties down the dens axis
Lig. Longitudinale Dentis (Org. & Insert) Dorsal aspect of the Dens Axis Canalis Atlantis pars ventrales
Lig Apics Dentis (Org. & Insert.) Apical part of the dens axis Pars Basis Ossis Occipitalis
Membrane of the atlantoaxial joint Membrana Atlantoaxial Dorsalis
Describe the Art. Processeus Art. Plana Fovea articulares caudalis Fascies articulares craniales
Describe the Symphysis Intervertebrales Discus intervertabralis Art. plana
Ligaments of Symphysis Ligg. Flava Ligg. Interspinalia Ligg. Intransversaria
Ligg. Flava Attaches to the intervertabral discs and arcus vertebrales
Ligg. Intertransversaria Between the processus transversarius of the vertebra
Ligg. Interspinalia Between the processus spinosus (bo, eq)
Structure of the invertebral disc Annulus Fibrosus (cartilage) Nucleus Pulposes (Hyaline cartilage)
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