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Stifle Joint

Parts of the stifle Joint

Name the articulations in the stifle. Femerotibialis: Art. Condylaris; Art. Duplex Femeropatellaris: Art. Delebans; Art. Simplex
What are the Extracapsular structures? Lig. Collaterale Lateralle Lig. Collaterale Mediale Lig. Patellaris Retinaculum Patellaris
What are the Intracapsular Structures? Lig. Femeropatellaris Medialis Lig. Femeropatellaris Lateralis Lig. Popliteum Obliquum
What are the Intercapsular Structures? Lig. Transversum Genus (Car only) Lig. Craniales Menisci Med/Lat Lig. Caudalis Menisci Med/Lat Lig. Cruciatum Craniales Lig. Cruciatum Caudales Lig. Meniscifemoris
Name the recesses of the stifle joint Recessus Supra patellarius Recessus Sub extensorius Recessus Sub popletius
Name the menisci of the stifle joint Meniscus Laterale Meniscus Mediale
Name the fibrocartligenous structures of the stifle Bursa infrapatellarus Corpus Adiposum Infrapatellaris Fibrocartilagenous Parapaterllaris
Special structures of the stifle joint (Interspecies differences) Lig. Patellaris splits into three -Lig Patellae pars mediale -Lig. Patellae pars laterale -Lig. Patellae pars Intermedium Medial and Intermediate form the patellar loop
Special bone structure eq and bo have the: Tuburculum Trochleae Ossis Femoris
Name the cavities of the stifle joint. Cavitas Femeropatellare Cavitas Dorsomediale Cavitas Dorsolaterale Cavitas Ventrolaterale Cavitas Ventromediale
Which Cavities communicate? Cavitas Dorsomediale with: Femeropatellar & Ventromediale Cavitas Dorsolaterale with: Cavitas Ventrolaterale
Where do the fibrous and synovial layers insert? Fibrous: Epicondylaris Lat/Med Os Femoris Synovial: Epicondylaris Med/Lat Femoris Menisci lat and medial
Origin and insertion of Ligg. Collaterale Lat/Med Origin: Lat/Med Epicondyle (Fem) Insertion: Condyle (Tib)
Origin and insertion of Ligg. Femeropatellare Med/Lat Origin: Lat/Med Vesalius bone Insertion: Patella
Origin and Insertion of Lig. Patella Origin: M. Quadriceps Femoris Insertion: Patella and Crista Tibiae
Retinaculum Patella Thickening of the fascia lata Aponeurosis of muscles
Lig. Popletius Obliquum Caudal wall
Lig. Transversarum Genus Fixes the angulus craniales menisci in place
Lig. Caudalis Menisci Lateralis Inserts on incisura poplitea
Lig. Caudalis Menisci Mediale Inserts on area intercondylaris caudalis
Lig. Cranialis Menisci Lateralis Inserts on area intercondylaris craniales mediales
Lig. Cranialis Menisci Mediale Inserts on area intercondylaris craniales laterales
Lig. Cruciatum Craniales Origin: Condylares Laterales (axial) os femoris Inserts: Cranial part of Area intercondylaris Mediales
Lig. Cruciatum Caudales Origin: Condylares Mediales (axial) os femoris Inserts: Area Intercondylaris Caudalis Incisura popletia
Lig. Femeromenisci Origin: Medial Condyle (caudal axial) os femoris Inserts: Menisci laterale pars caudales
Recessus Suprapatellaris Behind and above the patella
Recessus Subextensorius Surrounding the m. extensor digitorum longum tendon
Recessus Subpopleiteus Surrounding the m. popliteus tendon
Fibrocartilegenous Parapatellaris On either side of the patella
Interspecies differences for the cr cruciate lig. ca. Inserts on the area intercondylaris craniales mediales eq. Inserts on the area intercondylaris centrales
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