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Bovine Ephemeral Fev

Ephemerovirus of Rhabdoviridae

What is another name for Bovine Ephemeral Fever? 3 Day Sickness
Is this disease reportable? YES
Who does this disease affect? Cattle and Water Buffalo
How is this virus transmitted? Insect vectors, possibly Culicoides spp. and mosquitoes
What fraction of the blood is this virus associated with? Buffy Coat
Lesions of a serofibrinous polyserositis affect what 3 surfaces? Joints, Pleural, and Peritoneal
What are effusion fluids characterized by? What does this mean? Large #s of neutrophils + increased permeability of small vessels means that there might be an IMMUNE COMPLEX HYPERSENSITIVITY
Morbidity vs. Mortality rate 80% vs. 1-2%
What are some clinical features? Sever drop in milk production, excessive salivation, lacrimation, drooling and dyspnea
Abortion is observed in what percentage of pregnant cows? 5%
What about recovery? Does it occur? Yes and it is dramatic and complete in 3 days. Range in 2-5 days
The best diagnosis for this disease is to... check the season of the year
Virus isolation can be attempted by inoculation of infected buffy coat cells into cell cultures derived from... Aedes albopictus
What is special about recovering animals? They have long-lasting immunity
Created by: lkollmeier