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Maedi/Visna Disease

Who is this a disease of? Adult sheep and sometimes goats
What is visna? Secondary encephalitic form of maedi
What are 4 ways this virus can be transmitted? Aerosolization. Ingestion of feces or urine. Colostrum and milk. Biting arthropods and surgical equipment.
What is the main pathogenetic caracteristic observed in this disease? Lifelong mononuclear cell-associated viremia
When do most sheep seroconvert? What is the precentage of clinical disease? 2-3 weeks AFTER infection. 5%
Why is this disease seen in sheep 2 years or older? There is a LONG incubation period ranging from months to 9 years!
What are 2 other synonyms of Maedi? Iis this disease fatal? Shortness of breath. Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP). YES, within 3-8 months..especially with secondary bacT infections
What does visna mean? What is interesting about this? Wasting. Sheep maintain a good appetite if they are tended to. Those that are left to fend for themselves die of starvation.
What two other clinical signs are seen with this disease? Arthritis and Mastitis (noninflammatory fibrotic, reduction in milk production)
What about immunity? Viruses persist even though there are antibodies for it!
What can be done to control and outbreak in an uninfected flock? Pretesting and quarantine animals coming in. Retest animal every 6 months
Created by: lkollmeier