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Muscles of proximal

M. Deltoideus Pars Acromion: Acromian Pars Scapulae: Spina Scapula Tuberositas Deltoidea Flex shoulder
M. Infraspinati Origin: Fossa Infraspinati Spina Scapula (pars Caudalis) Insertion: Fascies Muscli Infraspinati Action: Flex the shoulder
M. Teres Major Origin: Margo Caudalis Scapula Angulus Caudalis Scapula Insertion: Tuberositas Teres Major (medial side) Action: Flex the shoulder Takes the MAJOR part of the scapula
M. Teres Minor Origin: Margo Caudalis Scapula (pars distales) Insertion: Tuberositas Teres Minor (Lateral) Action: Flex the shoulder
M. Triceps (Caput Longum) Origin: Margo Caudalis Scapula Insertion: Tuber Olecrani Action: Flexes Shoulder Extend the elbow
M. Subscapularis Origin: Fascies Subscapulares Insertion: Tuberculum Minor Action: Flex the shoulder Extend the shoulder
M. Supraspinatus Origin: Fossa Supraspinatus Margo Craniales Spina Scapula Insertion: Tuberculum Major Action: Extend the Shoulder
M. Biceps Brachi Origin: Tuberositas Supraglenoidale Insertion: Tuberositas Radii Processus Coronoideus Mediales (Ulnar) Action: Extend Shoulder Flex Elbow
M. Corocobrachialis Origin: Processus Corocoideus Insertion: Crista Tuberculum Minor Action: Extend the shoulder joint
M. Brachialis Origin: Collum Humerii Insertion: Tuberositas Radii Processus Coronoideus Mediales (Ulnare) (via sulcus m brachialis) Action: Flexor of the Elbow
M. Triceps (Caput Laterale) Origin: Linea M. Tricipitas Insertion: Tuber Olecrani Action: Extend Elbow
M. Triceps (Caput Mediale) Origin: Proximal to Tuberositas Teres Major Insertion: Tuber Olecrani Action: Extend the elbow
M. Triceps (Caput Accessorium) Origin: Collum Humeri (Pars Caudalis) Insertion: Tuber Olecrani Action: Extend elbow
M. Anconeous Origin: Epicondylares Laterales Humeri Insertion: Processus Anconeous Tuber Olecranni (Covers Fossa Olecranni)
M. Tensor Fascia Antebrachi Origin: From the Latissimus Dorsi Insertion: Fascia Antebrachi Tuber Olecrani Action: Extends the elbow Tenses the Fascia Antebrachi
Special Structures (eq) M Supraspinatus: Tuburculum Major et Minor Lacertus Fibrosus M Deltoideus (Pars Acromion) absent
Lacertus Fibrosus Originates with m. Biceps Brachi Joins with M. Extensor Carpi Radialis Passive stay apparatus.
M. Triceps Brachi (eq) No caput accessorium
In place of the Collateral Ligaments Lateral: M. Infraspinati Medial: M. Subscapularis
Created by: 10fang711



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