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Avian Leukosis

What is the incidence rate in most chicken populations? 3-20%
What type of virus is this disease cuased by? v-onc -
Subgroup J is associated with... Myeloid leukosis
What is the cutoff to be viremic for life? 5 days!
How can the chicken be viremic for life? How is the virus exreted? Virus is transmitted congenitally via the egg or horizontally within the first 5 days of life due to the development of immunological tolerance. Saliva and feces
What happens if a chicken is infected beyond 5 or 6 days? Horizontal transmission past the cutoff allows the chicken to devlop neutralizing antibodies, the viremia is transient, and the chicken is UNLIKELY to develop leukemia
What are the primary target cells of this virus? What can prevent the development of lymphoid leukosis? lymphoblasts with B lymphocyte markers. Bursectomy
What are two clinical features that occur sporadically? Lymphoid leukosis & Osteopetrosis
What are two other names for Lymphoid leukosis in birds? Observed in what age chickens? Syn. Visceral Lymphomatosis. BIG LIVER Disease. 14-30 weeks of age
What's another name for osteopetrosis? What is characteristic of this disease? THICK LEG. Proliferation of periosteal osteoblasts of th elong bones of the limbs. BILATERAL enlargement...Lesions are NOT neoplastic
What is different from this disease and Marek's disease? Tumors in multiple organs WITHOUT nerve or ocular invovlement
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