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Horse Hoof Structure

External and internal structures of the hoof

External - What is the FROG of a hoof? (4 points) - Small triangular wedge - Plays important role in blood circulation - Absorption of concussion - Grip (to a certain extent)
External - What is the SOLE of a hoof? (3 points) - Concave in shape - Support and protect the structures within the foot - Thickness of sole varies per horse (generally the horn of the sole is less thick than the horn of the hoof wall and therefore susceptible to bruising
External - What is the BULBS OF HEEL of a hoof? (2 points) - Located at the back of the foot - Works with the frog and sole to assist with circulation and expansion of the foot when it makes contact with the ground
External - What is the SEAT OF CORN of a hoof? (1 point) - Point on the sole where the bars make an angle with the wall of the hoof
External - What is the BARS of the hoof? (2 points) - Allow for expansion of the foot -Provides strength
External - What is the CORONET/CORONARY BAND? (3 points) - Point of which the horn tissue grows and extends - Horn can take 9-12 months to grow down from the coronet to the tip of the toes on the ground surface - Hoof wall is slightly thicker at the toe than the heel
External - What is the WHITE LINE? (3 points) - Marks the boundary between the internal and external structures of the foot - Used as a guide by the farrier when nailing shoes onto the heel - Very sensitive (if penetrated or pinched by an incorrectly positioned nail - horse will become lame)
External - What is the PERIOPLE? (2 points) - Outer layer of the hoof - Protects the hoof and maintains moisture levels (which prevents hoof from becoming dry and brittle)
Internal - What is the DIGITAL CUSHION? (2 points) - Wedge shaped structure that sits just above the FROG and fills the space above the heel of the foot - Assist with the absorption of concussion and encourages circulation around the tissues of the foot and lower limb every time the foot impacts with the ground
Internal - What is the LATERAL CUSHION? (4 points) - Two curved discs of cartilage which are attached to the PEDAL BONE (can be felt just above the coronet band) - Works with the DIGITAL CUSHION to assist with circulation in the foot and absorb shock - Younger horses cartilage is highly flexible but as the horse ages it becomes more fibrous - Extreme trauma or confusion may calcify causing problems with soundness
Internal - What is the CORIUM? (3 points) - The living tissue immediately beneath the HOOF WALL - It is a sensitive, vascular dermis - It is named according to the insensitive parts of the hoof that it underuns
Internal - What is the PERIOPLIC CORIUM? (1 point) - Supplies the PERIOPLE with nutrients
Internal - What is the CORONARY CORIUM? (1 point) - Produces and nourishes the HOOF WALL
Internal - What is the LAMINAR CORIUM? (4 points) - Consists of sensitive LAMINAE - Attached to PERIOSTEUM of the PEDAL BONE - Those interlock with the sensitive LAMINAE of the HOOF WALL - Supports the PEDAL BONE and therefore weight of the horse
Internal - What is the SOLE CORIUM? (1 point) - Attaches the sole of the PEDAL BONE to the HORNY SOLE of the foot
Internal - What is the FROG CORIUM? (1 point) - Provides nourishment to the DIGITAL CUSHION and functions with the FROG
Internal - What is the three bones found in the hoof? (3 points) Running from the proximal end to the ground surface are the - SHORT PASTERN/ second phalanx - PEDAL BONE/ third phalanx -NAVICULAR BONE/ distal sesamoid
Created by: x_catriona



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