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Vet Med Term Final

This is a review of terms and concepts learned through veterinary med term

What is a combining vowel? A vowel that links the root to the suffix
What is consisted in the combining form? The root word plus the combining vowel
The prefix "pan-" means... all
The suffix "-penia" means... deficiency
What do the suffixes "-rrhage" and "-rrhagia" mean? bursting forth
What is the suffix meaning separation or breakdown? -lysis
SOAP stands for what? Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
What are the four types of tissues? Connective, Epithelial, Muscle, and Nervous
"-hypo" means... less than normal
"-hyper" means... more than normal
"-trophy" means... formation, development, and increased size of tissue and cells
Histology is the study of... tissues
Pathology is the study of... the nature, causes, and development of abnormal conditions
What is the study of disease? Etiology
What do Exocrine Glands do? Secrete material into ducts
What do Endocrine Glands do? Secrete chemicals into the blood stream
Prolapse is an... Abnormal protrusion of an organ/tissue through a natural opening
True or False? Subcutaneous means injected under the skin True
True or False? An intramuscular injection is injected into the vein False
What does the abbreviation "FeLV" stand for? Feline Leukemia Virus
What are the three types of muscle? Skeletal, smooth, and cardiac
What does the cardiovascular system do? Circulates blood, cells, water, nutrients, and hormones
What are the three major types of blood vessels? Arteries, veins, and capillaries
What is another word for inhalation? inspiration
The suffix "-ptysis' stands for... spitting
Agranuloctyes do not have ____ in their cytoplasm granules
What is the study of tumors? Oncology
Where is the Pineal Gland located? Near the mid-line in the central portion of the brain
What is the largest organ in the body? Skin
The deepest layer of skin that contains fatty tissue, is called what? Subcutaneous layer of hypodermis
What division of the brain is responsible for memory, speech, movement, hearing, vision, and smell? The Cerebrum
Fainting is also known as what? Syncope
What is the combing forms for eyes or sight? opt/i, optic/o, ocul/o, and opthalm/o
What is the inflammation of the eardrum? Myringitis
What are the combing forms for kidney? Ren/o and nephr/o
"Palliative" means what? Relieving symptoms but not curing them
What do the dendrites do in a neuron? Carries impulses toward the cell body
Created by: jgates518