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Top CA Commodities

California's Top Commodities

Nut crops grown only in California. Almond & Walnut
Cailfornia's #1 Agriculture County. Fresno County
California's #2 Agriculture County. Tulare County
California's #3 Agriculture County. Kern County
California's #1 Agriculture Commodity. Milk & Cream
California's #2 Agriculture Commodity. Grapes
California's #3 Agriculture Commodity. Nursery & Greenhouse products
California's #4 Agriculture Commodity. Lettuce
California's #5 Agriculture Commodity. Almonds
California's #6 Agriculture Commodity. Cattle & Calves
California's #7 Agriculture Commodity. Hay
California's #8 Agriculture Commodity. Strawberries
California's #9 Agriculture Commodity. Tomatoes
California's #10 Agriculture Commodity. Floriculture
California's #11 Agriculture Commodity. Walnuts
California's #12 Agriculture Commodity. Chickens
California's #13 Agriculture Commodity. Broccoli
California's #14 Agriculture Commodity. Cotton
California's #15 Agriculture Commodity. Rice
California's #16 Agriculture Commodity. Pistachios
California's #17 Agriculture Commodity. Oranges
California's #18 Agriculture Commodity. Lemons
California's #19 Agriculture Commodity. Carrots
California's #20 Agriculture Commodity. Celery
California's #1 Export Market. Canada
California's #2 Export Market. European Union
California's #3 Export Market. Japan
California's #4 Export Market. China
California's #5 Export Market. Mexico
California's #6 Export Market. South Korea
California's #7 Export Market. Taiwan
California's #8 Export Market. India
California's #9 Export Market. Australia
California's #10 Export Market. United Arab Emirates
California's #4 Agriculture County. Monterey County
California's #5 Agriculture County. Merced County
California's #6 Agriculture County. Stanislaus County
California's #7 Agriculture County. San Joaquin County
California's #8 Agriculture County. Kings County
California's #9 Agriculture County. Ventura County
California's #10 Agriculture County. San Diego County
Of the top 10 agricultural producing counties in the nation, how many are located in California? 9
Two nut crops only grown in California: Almonds & Walnuts
Thistle type plant grown only in California as a Vegetable? Artichoke
Processed grape that is only grown in california? Raisin
Type of rice only grown in California? Sweet Rice
Type of Peach only grown in California? Cling Peach
Type of processed fruit formerly known as a "prune"? Dried Plum
Two fruits that begin with the letter "P" that are only grown in California: Pomegranates and Persimmons
How many different commodities are grown in California? 400
How much of the nations fruit, vegetable and nut crops are grown in California? Half
How much are California's commodities worth? 37 Billion Dollars
How many millions of acres are farmed in the U.S.A.? 922
How many farms are there in the U.S.? 2.2 Million Farms
U.S. #1 Agriculture Commodity. Grain
U.S. #2 Agriculture Commodity. Cattle & Calves
U.S. #3 Agriculture Commodity. Poultry & Eggs
U.S. #4 Agriculture Commodity. Milk & Dairy
U.S. #5 Agriculture Commodity. Fruit & Nuts
U.S. #6 Agriculture Commodity. Pigs
U.S. #7 Agriculture Commodity. Nursery Products
U.S. #8 Agriculture Commodity. Vegetables
U.S. #9 Agriculture Commodity. Other Crops & Hay
U.S. #10 Agriculture Commodity. Cotton
Created by: MrDiaz