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Warts are more commonly seen in this domestic animal than any other. CATTLE
Do the various serotypes crossprotect? NO
How is the virus transmitted? Contaminated halters, nose leads, grooming and earmarking equipment, rubbing posts, and possibly venereal transmission
What is a fibropapilloma? fibrous core covered to a variable depth with stratified squamous epithelium with hyperkeratinized outer layers
What's another name for a cauliflower-like growth of fibropapillomas that regress within 6-12 months? Verruca vulgaris
Where are fibropapillomas most commonly seen on the cattle? head, neck, and shoulders
Where are fibropapillomas found in young bulls? frequently on the penis. grows rapidly and may surround the tip = no value as bull studs
How is a cutaneous papilloma different from a fibropapilloma? Lacks a fibrous core and is usually flat with a broad base that persists
Where do papillomas due to bovine papillomavirus 4 occur? Alimentary and urinary tract and can progress to Squamous cell carcinomas
tract or bladder (chronic endemic hematuria)? ingestion of Bracken Fern. both co-carcinogen and immunosuppressive agent
What are 4 ways lesions can be removed? (1)Surgical removal. (2)Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen. (3)Dry ice. (4) Burning off when the milk still needs to be saved
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