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one health 7

exam 7

state the AVMA definition of human animal bond the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship b/w people and animals that is influenced by behaviors considered essential to heath and well being of both
describe the current state of research on the human animal bond many study weaknesses, lack of long term studies, few standardized protocols. ex w/ heart attack patients, elderly medicare patients, HIV pos men. 2011 study shows importance of animal contact in 1st yr of life.
describe positive and negative sides of the human animal bond animal hoarding, psychological difficulties when animal dies,
describe the vet's role in the human animal bond recognize and actively advocate the value and the potential of the HAB to affect human and animal health and well being at all levels.
discuss "the link" in the frameworm of the human animal bond 85% of women and 63% of children seeking shelter from domestic violence report animal abuse in the home. possible reportable issue depending on state
discuss the term anthropomorphism giving animals human characteristics. has the possibility to both strengthen and inhibit bond depending on situation. possible to give animal more skills than what is actual
discuss the term neoteny retaining baby like conditions as adult. sends endorphins to human brain therefore increases intensity of bond.
describe the basic elements of the AVMA principles of veterinary medical ethics and the veterinarian oath 1.animal health, relief of animal suffering, conservation of animal resources, promotion of public health, advancement of med knowledge. many competing interests. 2. 9 guiding principles found in AVMA
list requirements for a valid veterinary client patient relationship 1.provide competent clinical care 2.under the terms of the VCPR 3.with compassion and respect for animal welfare and human health
discuss the scope of TN veterinary practice act and apply the state requirements to clinical practice 1.see animal w/in last 12 mo or is personally acquainted w/ the keeping /care 2.relationship cannot be maintained or established by telephone or electronic means
list the multiple entities that regulate the veterinary profession 1. VMB
discuss the role of the state veterinary medical boards in veterinary liscensing and practice VMB in every state that oversees the practice of vet med and decides whether sanctions should be imposed for a violation of the states laws or regulations
state the elements required to demonstrate veterinary malpractice professional negligence. only another vet can state whether an act was malpractice
describe how TN damage awards may be calculated for harm to an animal 1.fair market value 2.unique or special 3.emotional distress 4.companionship value
describe how to define the standard of care determined by vet peers.
discuss scope of practice and variation b/w states 1.obtain history 2.physical exam 3.diagnostic 4.treatment 5.follow up 6.informing owner
name the most common type of damage calculation for an award in a veterinary malpractice case loss of companionship
discuss penalties that may be issued by state veterinary medical boards 1.probation 2.suspension of liscense 3.fines 4.continuing edu 5.mental health exam 6.submit to random facility inspections
differentiate ordinary negligence from professional negligence ordinary: jury decides professional: malpractice, vet decides
describe the basic elements of proper veterinary medical records clear, legible, retrievable, contain pertinent info. keep for min of 3 yr. separate log for controlled substances.reflect referral of cases or need specialized equipment.
describe control and ownership of veterinary medical records info belongs to owner. the physical record including radiographs are owned by vet/practice.
discuss the legal and ethical issues related to teleheath in TN have to look at all one health aspects.
VCPR assumes responsibility for med judgement 2.client has agreed to follow instructions personally acquainted w/ keeping/ care of patient available for follow up arranged for emergency converage provide treatment 7.record
Malpractice: causation the harm has to be the direct result of the vet actions. the breach of duty directly resulted in the outcome
malpractice: damages there must be actual damages for a malpractice action to be successful
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