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Vet Speak

Acronyms to Know

AD Right ear (auris dextra)
ADR Ain't doing right
AS Left ear (auris sinistra)
AU Both ears (auris utraque)
BAR Bright Alert Responsive
BCS Body Condition Score
BID Twice Daily, Every 12 hours
BPM Beats or breaths per minute
CBC Complete Blood Count
CHF Congestive Heart Failure
CNS Central Nervous System
CRT Capillary Refill Time
D/C Discontinue
Dx Diagnosis
EENT Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
EOD Every Other Day
F/S Spayed Female
FNA Fine needle aspirate
FUO Fever of Unknown Origin
Fx Fracture
HBC Hit By Car
HCT Hematocrit
HR Heart Rate
HX History
IM Intramuscular
IN Intranasal
IV Intravenous
M/N Neutered Male
NDR Not Doing Right
NPO Nothing by mouth
NSF No Significant Findings
OD Right eye
OS Left Eye
OU Both eyes
PCV Packed Cell Volume
PE Physical exam
PO By mouth
PRN As needed
PU/PD Polyuria/polydipsia (i.e. drinking and urinating more than normal)
q Every (e.g. q4hrs means every 4 hours)
QAR Quiet, Alert, Responsive
QD Once daily, Every 24 hours
QID Four times daily, Every 6 hours
QOD Every Other day
ROM Range of motion
RR Respiratory Rate
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