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Feline Panleukopenia


What are two synonyms of this disease? Feline Distemper. Feline Infectious Enteritis
Who is susceptible? ALL members of the cat family (esp kittens 3-5 mo.) includnig those related
Why is this virus ubiquitous? Contagious & capacity for persistence
Most infections are subclinical. Why? 75-85% of unvaccinated cats have antibody titers by ONE YEAR OF AGE
How long are unvaccinated kittens with maternal antibodies protected? Recovered cats? 3 months. Solidly immune but can excrete small amounts of virus in feces and urine for up to 6 weeks or longer
High levels of viral excretion result in high levels of environmental contamination. How long to viruses survive in the environment? at least 1 year
How are cats infected? Oronasal route
HOw does panleukopenia come about? destruction of various WBCs (lymphocytes, neutrophils, and monocytes) including those in the circulation due to virus adsorption and immune cytolysis and those in the lymphoid organs
What else can accompany the panleukopenia? thrmobocytopenia
Where does the virus multiply and what does this cause? Intestinal epithelial cells in the crypts of Lieberkuhn and shortened, nonabsorptive villi occur = diarrhea
What happens in an early in utero infection? Early fetal death and resorption with infertility, abortions, or the birth of mummified fetuses
T/F. Feline parvovirus produces variable effects on kittens from the same litter. TRUE
What parts of the nervous system are susceptible to damage by the virus during prenatal or early neonatal development? CNS, Optic nerve, and REtina
What is the most common CNS disorder and when is this seen? Cerebellar hypoplasia during the last 2 weeks or pregnancy and the first 2 weeks of life
What two things lead to blindness? Optic Nerve atrophy and Retinopathy
What is the relationship between endotoxins and DIC? Endotoxin induces tissue factor (Factor III) expression on endothelial cells and this is a potent activator of coagulation
What are the 3 major causes of death? Mortality rate? Dehydration, Secondary Bacterial Infections, and DIC. 25-90%
When is cerebellar hypoplasia apparent? when the kitten begins to walk at 3-4 weeks of age
What is the virus inactivated by? bleach, 4% formaldehyde, and 1% glutaraldehyde in 10 minutes at room temp
Who should NOT receive the modified live vaccine? cats that are pregnant, immunosuppressed, sick, or kittens under 4 weeks of age
Created by: lkollmeier