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rabbit terms

crossword puzzle for rabbit terms

Kingdom classification for rabbits Animalia
Besides pets, rabbits are used for meat, fur or wool, and__________________ __________. laboratory use
__________________ is a type of rabbit fur. Angora
Rabbit _________ doesn;t cause the irritation and isn't as scratchy as sheep's wool. wool
Rex fur is short with guard __________ being the same length. hairs
About 400,000 rabbits were used in __________ projects in the United States in 1991. research
Rabbits do not have _______ ________, which has made them popular for some research projects. tear ducts
The area over the center of the back of a rabbit is called the __________. Loin
There are about 70 different ________________ of domestic rabbits. breeds
The ________ Rex is a dwarf breed of rabbit. Mini
The Florida ________ is a small breed of rabbit. White
The __________ Spots is a medium breed of rabbit. English
The ____________ Chinchilla is a large breed of rabbit. American
The __________ Chinchilla is a giant breed of rabbit. Giant
The Dwarf __________ is a rabbit breed with a very this black eye band around each eye. Hotot
Larger breeds of rabbits (over 12 lbs.) should be kept on solid wood floors to prevent ______ _______. sore hocks
The easiest way to feed rabbits is to use one of the commercially prepared ________ type feeds. pellet
__________ is the term associated with the eating of fecal material. Coprophagy
__________ is the term used for the birth process in rabbits. Kindling
__________ is a condition where the upper and lower teeth grow to the extent that the animal cannot eat. Malocclusion
Created by: johnny.sutton