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Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT)

What are two other names for this disease? Infectious tracheitis or Fowl Diphtheria
How is this virus transmitted? by inhalation into a flock by carrier birds
What are fourth characteristic pathogenetic traits of this disease? Necrosis, hemorrhage, ulceration, and the formation of diptheritic membranes
What causes death? a "cheesy plug" from the membrane that causes asphyxiation
What are the common clinical features of the disease? marked respiratory distress, extension and slinging of neck during inspiration, resting on breast during exhalation, and coughing up of bloddy mucus
What age group does this disease affect? 4-18 months of age
Who is affected? Chickens and pheasants
Morbidity vs. Mortality 100% vs. 20-70%
How do you detect neutralizing antibodies with this virus? pock or plaque reduction assays
How can you eradicate the disease in a flock? complete depopulation and disinfection of the premises
What vaccination schemes are used? vaccination pullets and modified live-virus vaccine
Created by: lkollmeier