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Drug Uses-2nd Set

Beta Blockers-Contraceptives: Drug Classifications/uses

Accupril ACE Inhibitor
Accutane Skin Disorders/Topical
Actonel Bone Disease Agent
Actos Diabetic Agent
Adalat Calcium Channel Blocker
Aldara Skin Disorders/Topical
Altace ACE Inhibitor
Amaryl Diabetic Agent
Androgel Hormone Replacement Agent
Aviane Contraceptive
Avapro Angiotensin II-receptor antagonists
Bactroban Skin Disorders/Topical
Benicar Angiotensin II-receptor antagonists
Benzaclin Skin Disorders/Topical
Boniva Bone Disease Agent
Bystolic Beta Blocker
Cardizem Calcium Channel Blocker
Cardura Alpha Blocker
Cataflam NSAID
Catapres Alpha Blocker
Celebrex NSAID
Cialis Male Impotence Agent
Ciprodex Otic
Claravis Skin Disorders/Topical
Climara Hormone Replacement Agent
Coreg Beta Blocker
Cortisporin Otic
Coumadin Anticoagulant
Cozaar Angiotensin II-receptor antagonists
Crestor Lipid Lowering Agent
Cytomel Thyroid Agent
Diabeta Diabetic Agent
Diovan Angiotensin II-receptor antagonists
Elocon Skin Disorders/Topical
Epogen Recombinant DNA Agent
Estrace Hormone Replacement Agent
Estroderm Hormone Replacement Agent
Evista Bone Disease Agent
Flexeril Muscle Relaxant
Floxin Otic
Folate Vitamins and Supplements
Folvite Vitamins and Supplements
Fosamax Bone Disease Agent
Glucophage Diabetic Agent
Glucotrol Diabetic Agent
Glucovance Diabetic Agent
Hep-Lock Anticoagulant
Humalog Diabetic Agent
Humulin N Diabetic Agent
Hytrin Alpha Blocker
Hyzaar Combination Drug
Imdur Cardiovascular Agent
Inderal Beta Blocker
Januvia Diabetic Agent
Junel Contraceptive
K-Dur Vitamins and Supplements
Klor-Con Vitamins and Supplements
Lanoxin Cardiovascular Agent
Lantus Diabetic Agent
Levitra Male Impotence Agent
Levothroid Thyroid Agent
Levoxyl Thyroid Agent
Lipitor Lipid Lowering Agent
Lotensin ACE Inhibitor
Lotrel Combination Drug
Lovaza Lipid Lowering Agent
Lovenox Anticoagulant
Lumigan Ophthalmic Agent
Lyrica Fibromyalgia
Mevacor Lipid Lowering Agent
Motrin NSAID
Myorisan Skin Disorders/Topical
Naprosyn NSAID
Neupogen Recombinant DNA Agent
Niaspan Lipid Lowering Agent
Nitro-Dur Cardiovascular Agent
Nitroquick Cardiovascular Agent
Nolvadex Antineoplastic /Chemotherapy Agent
Norvasc Calcium Channel Blocker
NuvaRing Contraceptive
Ortho Tri-cyclen Contraceptive
Patanol Ophthalmic Agent
Plavix Cardiovascular Agent
Pradaxa Anticoagulant
Pravachol Lipid Lowering Agent
Premarin Hormone Replacement Agent
Prempro Hormone Replacement Agent
Prinivil ACE Inhibitor
Procardia Calcium Channel Blocker
Procrit Recombinant DNA Agent
Pyridium Analgesic
Relafen NSAID
Rheumatrex Antineoplastic /Chemotherapy Agent
Robaxin Muscle Relaxant
Skelaxin Muscle Relaxant
Slow FE Vitamins and Supplements
Soma Muscle Relaxant
Synthroid Thyroid Agent
Tenormin Beta Blocker
Tobradex Ophthalmic Agent
Toprol XL Beta Blocker
Tricor Lipid Lowering Agent
TriNessa Contraceptive
Tri-Sprintec Contraceptive
Ultracet Analgesic
Ultram Analgesic
Uristat Analgesic
Vasotec ACE Inhibitor
Viagra Male Impotence Agent
Victoza Diabetic Agent
Vitamin D Vitamins and Supplements
Voltaren NSAID
Vytorin Lipid Lowering Agent
Xalatan Ophthalmic Agent
Xarelto Anticoagulant
Yasmin Contraceptive
Yaz Contraceptive
Zanaflex Muscle Relaxant
Zestril ACE Inhibitor
Zetia Lipid Lowering Agent
Zocor Lipid Lowering Agent
Zyloprim Gout Agent
Created by: mtech
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