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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
MTECH pharmacy tech Medical Terminology-Pharmacy tech students Standardized Tests 2019-04-30 mtech 41 0 edit
Antibiotics Top 200-Antibotics Medical 2021-08-30 mtech 24 3 edit
Antifungal-Narcotic Top 200-Antifungal, Antiviral, Narcotic Medical 2021-08-31 mtech 22 2 edit
Anesthetics-Antidepr Top 200-Local Anesthetics, Antimigraine, Antidepressants Medical 2021-08-31 mtech 18 2 edit
Antipyschotics-Sleep Top 200-Antipyschotics, Antianxiety, Sleep Agents Medical 2021-08-31 mtech 13 2 edit
Anticonvulsant-ADHD Top 200-Anticonvulsant, Parkinson's Disease, ADHD Medical 2021-09-13 mtech 18 2 edit
Alzheimer-Antitussiv Top 200-Alzheimer, Respiratory, Corticosteroids, Antitussives Medical 2021-09-13 mtech 22 2 edit
Antihistamine-Gastro Top 200- Antihistamine, Gastrointestinal Medical 2021-09-20 mtech 16 2 edit
Antiemetic-Diuretics Top 200-Antiemetics, constipation, antidiarrheal, urinary, prostate, diuretics Medical 2021-12-01 mtech 14 2 edit
Beta-Angiotensin Top 200-Beta Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers, ACE Inhibitors, Angiotensin Medical 2021-12-01 mtech 18 1 edit
Alpha-Anticoagulant Top 200-Alpha Blockers, Combination Drugs, Cardiovascular, Anticoagulant Medical 2021-12-01 mtech 15 1 edit
Lipid-Muscle relaxer Top 200-Lipid Lowering, Muscle Relaxants Medical 2021-12-01 mtech 15 1 edit
NSAIDs-Diabetic Top 200-NSAIDs, Analgesics, Gout, Diabetic Agents Medical 2021-12-01 mtech 23 1 edit
Thyroid-Ophthalmic Top 200-Thyroid, impotence, hormones, skin, bone, ophthalmic Medical 2021-12-01 mtech 28 1 edit
Otic-Fibromyalgia Top 200-Otic, Vitamins, Recombinant DNA, Antineoplastic, Fibromyalgia Medical 2021-12-01 mtech 15 1 edit
Controlled Substance Controlled Substance Schedules Medical 2022-11-30 mtech 40 1 edit
Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplement uses Medical 2019-12-03 mtech 17 1 edit
Drug uses-1st set Antibiotics-Diuretics: Drug classifications/uses Medical 2019-12-03 mtech 144 1 edit
Drug Uses-2nd Set Beta Blockers-Contraceptives: Drug Classifications/uses Medical 2019-09-09 mtech 123 0 edit
Abbreviations Abbreviations-Sig practice Medical 2021-09-06 mtech 94 1 edit
Pharmacy Acronyms Pharmacy Acronyms Medical 2021-06-28 mtech 50 1 edit

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