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Top Production States All Cattle Rank 1. Texas 2. Nebraska 3. Kansas 4. Oklahoma 5. California
Top Production States Feed Cattle Rank 1. Nebraska 2. Texas 3. Kansas 4. Iowa 5. Colorado
Top Production States Dairy production 1. California 2. Wisconsin 3. New York 4. Idaho 5. Texas
Top Production States Hogs 1. Iowa 2. North Carolina 3. Minnesota 4. Illinois 5. Indiana
Land Grants For Universities (Acts and Years) 1. Morril Act of 1862 2. Hatch Act of 1887
What Act facilitated teaching in a less formal environment? Smith-Lever Act of 1914
What Act brought vocational training into High Schools? Smith-Hughes Act of 1917
Name 4 Ways animals serve Humanity. Transportation Companionship Domestication Food,Resources Fertilizer/Manure By products/fuel
What Part of the world eats the most BEEF? South America
Where does to US rank in Pork production and who ranks above? The US ranks 3rd While Europe and Asia are in the top 2.
About how long does it take to harvest Beef livestock? About 3 years from the time of breeding.
At what age are Swine generally put to market? 10-11 months old.
What is the Most Consumed Dairy product in the US? The Least Consumed? Cheese Milk
Created by: Mtoomey