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Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis

There are two subtypes of Bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1). What are they? 1.1 - respiratory; 1.2 - genital subtype
How is BHV 1.1 transmitted? ocular and nasal secretions
How is BHV 1.2 transmitted? coitus and possibly artificial insemination
How does viral spread occur? Mononuclear cell-associated viremia
Latent infections are potential sources for new outbreaks. So what? All seropositive animals are considered potential carriers.
How is the latent form reactivated? injections of corticosteroids or by various stresses
Where are the sites of latency for the two different serotypes of the virus? Respiratory - Tigeminal Nerve; Genital - Sciatic Nerve
Who shows the respiratory diease most often? feedlot cattle
Morbidity vs. mortality HIGH (100%) vs. low (>10%)
What are some signs? Salivation, difficulty swallowing, necrotic rhinitis, dust pneumonia, diffuse hemorrhages and erosions in muzzle (red nose), necrosis of larynx
When death occurs, what is inovlved? secondary bacterial bronchopneumonia
What can occur as the PRIMARY clinical feature in some infections? Conjunctivitis
What can occur with respiratory disease? ABORTION...can occur regardless of the severity of the disease
What is so dangerous about a generalized disease of neonatal calves (infected in utero or early after birth)? FATAL because babies cannot regulate body temperature so the virus multiplies throughout..the body temperature is low
What clinical signs are seen in the genital disease? NO ABORTIONS. Cows - Infectious Pustular Vulvovaginitis and in Bulls - Infectious balanoposthitis
What is seen with Infectious pustular vulvovaginitis? (IPV) bright red vaginal mucosa with many small pustules that can form a fibrinous pseudomembrane
What type of vaccines are the best and why? Intranasal vaccines because IM can cause abortion in pregnant cows
Created by: lkollmeier