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Veterinary Terms

A-, an- without
Anti- against
Brady- abnormally slow
De- to do the opposite, away, off to remove entirely
Dys- difficult
Hyper- above normal
Hypo- Below normal
Mal- Badly
Poly- many , excessive
Tachy- abnormally fast
epi- above
Eu- well
Iso- equal
Multi- more than one
Neo- new, entire
Pan- All , entire
Peri- around
Post- After
Uni- one
-cyte cell
-ectomy surgical removal of
-emia blood
-pnea respiration
-itis inflammation
-logy the study of
-oma tumor or cancer
-penia to lack or have a deficiency
-scope instrument used to view
-tomy to make an incision
-al, -ic, -ac, -ous pertaining to
-graphy the act of recording using an instrument
-ist practitioner of science
-lysis to break down
-megaly enlargement of
-natal relating to birth
-oxia condition of oxygenation
-phagia to eat
-spasm involuntary contraction
-toxin poison
Abdomin/o relating to the abdomen
Copr/o Body
Cyan/o denotes a blue color
Derm/o, Dermat/o pertaining to the skin
Enter/o pertaining to the intestine
Erythr/o Denotes a red color
Gingiv/o pertaining to the gums
Hepat/o Pertaining to the liver
Hydr/o water
Peritone/o peritoneum
Ur/o relating to urine
Cardio/o pertaining to the heart
Cephal/o pertaining to the head
Dent/i, dent/o pertaining to teeth
Mamm/a, mamm/o pertaining to the breast
Nas/o pertaining to the nose
Ophthalm/o pertaining to the eye
Ot/o pertaining to the ear
Steth/o pertaining to the upper chest
Thorac/o pertaining to the upper chest
Trache/o pertaining to the neck
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