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T/F: A late hit penalty should be given to a Skater who, after the end of a Jam, blocks an opponent so they're forced off the track but do not stumble or fall. False
T/F: A Jammer who starts skating before the Jam-Start Whistle & is gaining speed in a counterclockwise direction when the whistle blows has committed a False Start. True
A Jammer initiates and completes a Star Pass to a Non-Pivot Blocker. Which Skater should be assessed the Star Pass Violation? No call can be made until the Non-Pivot Blocker has an opportunity to drop the Star.
Of the following, who is able to call a Team Timeout? (Check all that apply.) -A Captain not serving a penalty -A Designated Alternate
T/F: A Skater may push through a wall leading with their helmet. False
When does a Skater's penalty time start? When the Skater sits in the Penalty Box.
If a Jam is called off for a Skater's injury (other than a suspected concussion) for the first time in a game, how long before that Skater may return to play? A minimum of three Jams
If the score is tied at the end of a game, what happens? The second period is extended by at least one overtime Jam.
When may a Skater be sent to the Penalty Box as a substitute for a fouled-out Skater? When the Jam is over.
When must a penalized Skater leave the track? Upon completion of the correct hand signal and verbal cue from the Official.
When both Jammers sit in the Penalty Box simultaneously, how much penalty time must be served before they return to the track? 0 seconds
During the Jam, where may a Jammer keep the Star? (Check all that apply.) -Visibly in their hand -On their helmet
T/F: A team may use their Official Review as a Team Timeout. True
T/F: If a Jam ends with less than 30 seconds on the period clock and there is an Official Timeout, there will always be another Jam. False
The Official Score is: The score visible to teams, Officials and spectators
When is a penalized Skater considered no longer on the track? Immediately upon committing the penalty
T/F: A penalized Jammer continues to earn points until they exit the track. False
Who is assessed a penalty in the following situation: White Skater falls. Red Skater then initiates and forcibly makes contact with White Skater, who is down. A penalty for Red Skater
Red Jammer earns Lead Jammer upon completing their initial trip. On Red Jammer's 2nd trip, they're caught in the pack and complete a legal Star Pass. At the same time, White Jammer skates through the pack on their 2nd trip. Which Jammer is Lead jammer? Neither
While serving a penalty, a White Blocker stands after serving 15 seconds without being told to do so, what is the outcome? The timer is paused until they sit down again and complete their penalty.
T/F: Red Jammer's helmet cover is knocked to the floor by an opponent on their initial trip. They pick it up, put it back on, and complete their initial trip legally before the White Jammer. Red Jammer is now Lead. True
Red Jamr legally passes 4 opposing White Blkrs in a scoring trip, but is then absorbed back into the pack. Red Jamr fights their way back past 2 White Blkrs and a 3rd White Blker has gone to the Penalty Box. How many points will Red Jamr receive? 4
T/F: A team can field five Blockers and no Jammer. False
T/F: Red Blocker 1 is 9 ft behind White Blocker and 9 ft in front of Red Blocker 2. Red Blocker 1 leaves the track to fix a knee pad that has fallen down their leg, causing a No Pack to occur. Red Blocker 1 should receive a Game Structure penalty. False
When are Not-On-The-Track (NOTT) points awarded? As soon as the Jammer earns a pass on any opposing Blocker
Which one of the following does not receive a False Start warning? White Pivot is lined up completely in front of the Pivot Line
T/F: A team Captain is issued a penalty for altering the flow of the game if their team fails to field a Jammer when legally able to do so. True
Which part of the body is a legal blocking zone? (Check all that apply.) -The chest -The upper thigh -The upper arm
Which of the following actions will render Blockers unable to block, causing a Skater to be penalized? -Destroying the Pack -Skating out of bounds to avoid a hit -Remaining outside the Engagement Zone
Red Blocker exits the Penalty Box and is half a lap behind the Pack. Red Blocker initiates a whip to help Red Jammer gain speed and the whip is completed. Who should receive an Out of Play penalty? Red Blocker
Red Blocker initiates contact to White Blocker in the center of their back. White Blocker does not fall, but the action allows Red Jammer to pass White Blocker. What penalty is assessed, if any? Back Block
While attempting to pass a wall of Red Blockers, White Jammer initiates contact to the buttocks of the Red Blockers with the joint of their knee, but neither passes nor knocks down any Red Blockers. Is a penalty assessed to White Jammer? Yes
T/F: Red Pivot skates around a downed White Pivot and in doing so, goes out of bounds. Red Pivot returns in front of White Pivot. Red Pivot should receive a Cutting the Track penalty. False
T/F: Red Pivot blocks the White Jammer to the inside of the track. White Jammer attempts to stay out of bounds but enters the track, then immediately leaves the track again. The White Jammer is not assessed a penalty. True
T/F: White Blocker is correctly assessed a penalty with the correct verbal cue and hand signal. White Blocker willfully fails to leave the track despite repeated calls. White Blocker receives an additional penalty. True
T/F: Each team has a possible total of two Official Reviews per half. True
When may the Pivot legally receive the helmet cover from the Jammer? When both the Pivot and the Jammer are upright, in bounds and the Pivot is in Play.
What is the official whistle signal for Lead Jammer? Two rapid whistles
T/F: A Skater may skate out of bounds to avoid a hit. False
What must a Pivot do to legally become the Jammer after picking up the Star from the track? Return it to the Jammer, who in turn passes it back to the Pivot ,
What differentiates an Overtime Jam from a regular Jam? (Check all that apply.) - No Lead Jammer is declared - Both Jammers begin scoring on their first trip
Before the Jam whistle, there are 3 White Blockers completely on the track and the 4th White Blocker has one foot in bounds and one foot out of bounds, straddling the line. The Jam-Starting Whistle is blown. What happens to the straddling White Blocker? The straddling White Blocker is told to return to their bench.
T/F: Penalties assessed to a Captain on behalf of another Skater are counted towards the Captain fouling out. True
T/F: Jammers may initiate contact with the opposing Jammer outside the Engagement Zone. True
White Blkr is knocked off balance & grabs Red Blckr's jersey in an attempt to regain balance. Red Blkr remains standing, but is significantly slowed by the pulling on their jersey. White Blckr regains balance as a result. What will this action result in White Blocker is penalized
If the White team calls an Official Review in the first half and wins that review, how manymore Official Reviews can they take in the first period? False
T/F: A Skater who is bleeding may return to play. False
True or False: The proximity of a Skater in relation to other Skaters is measured by the distance of their skates. False
Which of the following will be considered a penalty even if there is no impact on the game, or no gain or loss of relative position? Blocking with the head.
T/F: No Non-Pivot Blockers may be touching the Jammer or Pivot Lines at the Jam-Starting Whistle. True
Created by: bethanderton