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NASM Chapter 1

NASM CPT4 - Chapter 1

What is the goal of phase 1 trainingof the OPT model? Increase client's ability to stabilize the joints and maintain optimal posture
What is the main focus of Phase 1 Stabilization endurance? Increase muscular endurance and increase stability while developing optimal neuromusclar efficiency
List 5 goals of phase 1 training Improve muscular endurance Enhance joint stability Increase flexibility Increase posture control Improve neuromuscular efficiency/coordination
What are the training strategies for phase 1 training? Training in proprioceptively enriched environment Low loads/high reps
What does a proprioceptively enriched environment mean? Unstable, yet controlled
What level of training follows stabilization endurance training? Strength endurance training
What is the main focus of strength endurance training? Maintain stabilization endurance while increasing prime mover strength
What is a prime mover Muscle that acts as a main source of power
List 4 goals of phase 2 strength endurance training Improve stabilization endurance and increase prime mover strength Improve overall work capacity Enhance joint stability Increase lean body mass
What are the training strategies for phase 2 of the OPT model? Moderate loads and reps Supersets
How many reps are recommended during phase 2 of OPT module? 8-12
What does a phase 2 superset consist of? One strength exercise and one stability exercise performed back to back
What is the goal of Phase 3 training in the OPT module? Hypertrophy training- goal is to increase muscle size
What is the training strategy for phase 3 level of training? High volume Moderate to high loads Moderate or low reps
Recommended rep range for hypertrophy training 6-12
What is Maximum Strength training? Phase 4 of OPT model
What is the training strategy for phase 4? High loads Low reps Longer rest periods
Recommended rep range for Phase 4 training? 1-5 reps
List 3 goals of phase 5 Power training Enhance neuromuscular efficiency Enhance prime mover strength Increase rate of force production
What are the goals for phase 4 training? Increase motor unit recruitment Increase frequency of motor unit recruitment Improve peak force
What are the training strategies for phase 5 Power level training? Supersets - One strength and one Power exercise per body part Perform all exercises as fast as can be controlled
Give an example of phase 2 exercises for legs Leg press then Single leg squat
Give an example of phase 2 superset for back muscles Seated cable row then stability ball dumbbell row
What is an example of a phase 2 superset for the chest? Barbell bench press and stability ball push up
Give an example of phase 2 superset for shoulder muscles Shoulder press machine then single leg dumbbell press
Barbell squats combined with jump squat is an example of what? Phase 5 power superset for leg muscles
Obesity refers to a person with a BMI of what? Over 30 or 30 lbs overweight
At risk high cholesterol is what? Over 240
Overweight refers to a person is how many pounds overweight? 25-30
What is muscle imbalance? Alteration of muscle length around a joint
What does the term rate of force production mean? Ability of uscles to exert maximal force output in a minimal amount of time
What is emphasized in level 5 phase of training? Development of speed and power
Why do phase 5 training? To enhance prime mover strength while also improving rate of force production
How to calculate BMI? Weight divided by height times 703
What are blood lipids? Cholesterol and triglycerides carried in the bloodstream by protein molecules
What is phase 5 of the OPT model? Power level training
What is a prime mover? Muscle that acts as the initial and main source of motion power
What is considered healthy cholestrerol level Less than 240
What are some health related risks associated with excessive body weight? Cardiovascular disease Diabetes High cholesterol Osteo arthritis Cancer
How is phase 2 training accomplished? Performinng supersets of strength and stabilization exercises
What is muscular endurance? A muscle's ability to contract for an extended period of time
Is HDL considered good cholesterol or bad cholesterol? Good
What is neuromuscular efficiency? The ability of the neuromuscular system to enable all muscles to efficiently work together in all planes of motion
What is considered a healthy BMI for adults 20 and older? 18.5- 24.9
What is considered borderline high cholesterol? 200-239
What is the main focus of Phase 1 training? Increase muscular endurance and stability while developing optimal neuromuscular efficiency
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