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Male Reproduction

304.3 Vet nursing Male reproductive system

What is a male dog called? Dog
What is a male cat called? Tom
What is a male horse called? Stallion/gelding
Male ferret? Jack
Male guinea pig? Boar
Male rabbit? Buck
6 components of male reproductive system Testes, Epididymis, Vas deferens, Prostate, Bulbourethral gland, Urethra
3 components of testes? Leydig cells, Sertoli cells, Spermatogenic cells
Pulls testes into the scrotum during late foetal/early neonatal development Gabernaculum
When should both testes be descended at the latest? 12 weeks
Name of the white membrane coating the testes Tunica albuginea
Membrane lining the scrotum Tunica vaginalis
2 cells of seminiferous tubules? Spermatogenic cells and sertoli cells
Purpose of sertoli cells Nourish spermatogenic cells
Sertoli cells stimulated by? FSH
Purpose of leydig cells? Produce testosterone
Leydig cells stimulated by? LH (also know as Interstitial cell stimulating hormone)
Functions of testosterone? Spermatogenisis, Develope male reproductive tract, Descent of testes, 2nd male characteristics
The seminiferous tubules drain sperm where? Efferent tubules
The efferent tubules drain sperm where? Epididymis
Purpose of the epididymis? Store and mature sperm
Muscle which pulls testes closer to the abdomen Cremaster muscle
Purpose of the prostate? Secrete fluids to bulk up ejaculate. Transport, nourish and protect sperm.
Gland in the tom cat reproductive system which dogs do not have? Bulbourethral gland
4 sections of the sperm Acrosome, Head, Mid-piece, Tail
What is the acrosome of the sperm? "Hat" of the sperm. Digests zona pellucida of ovum
What is the head of the sperm? Contains nucleus
What is the mid-piece of the sperm? Contains mitochondria for movement
What is the tail of the sperm? Provides motion
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