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Asana Eng-Sankrit

Garudasana Eagle Pose
Eka Padasana Warrior 3
Triaka Tadasana Feet together arms up hold left wrist with right hand, stretch right
Trikonasana Triangle pose
Virabasrasana Warrior 2
Utthita Parsvakonasana Extended Side Angle
Parivritta Paravakonasana Revolved side angel pose. Hands down or in prayer on knee, look out
Prasarita Padottonasana Wide legged forward bend
Janu Sirshasana Head to knee forward fold (on floor)
Paschimottasana Intense Dorsal Stretch. Seated, both legs in front, stretch arms down towards toes
Purvottasana Upward plank
Kurmasana Turtle Pose Legs spread out, hands extended underneath, chin down
Bhujangasana Cobra
Hardha Salabhasana Extended Locust Pose, One leg Arms under belly, hands clasped under pelvis, chin down, one leg extended up, can support leg by putting a 90* angle and supporting on thigh of extended
Salabhasana Extended full locust
Dhanurasana Bow Pose
Ushtrasana Camel Pose
Kakasana Crow Pose
Mayurasana Peacock Pose Chin down, hands pointed back shoulders bent, legs up and bent
Ardha Matsyrndrasana Half spinal twist Seated, right leg bent up over left leg down, left arm over right knee, right arm down behind you, look back
Sirshasana Headstand
Sarvangasana Shoulder Stand
Halasana Plough (plow) Pose Legs behind head, tip toes on the floor, after sarvangasana
Padma Sarvangasana Shoulder stand with legs in full lotus, potentially opening and dropping down into bridge pose
Chakrasana Wheel Pose
Matsyasana Fish Pose Counter pose to sarvangasana
Savasana Corpse Pose/ Relaxation
Created by: Amycecilia