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VA107 - Chapter 10

The Digestive System

or/o mouth
stom/o mouth
stomat/o mouth
phag/o eat
prandi/o meal
dips/o thirst
gingiv/o gums
dent/o teeth
dont/o teeth
odont/o teeth
brachy- short
gloss/o tongue
lingu/o tongue
sial/o salivary or saliva
esophag/o esophagus
gastr/o stomach
enter/o intestines
rect/o rectum
copr/o feces
hepat/o liver
pancre/o pancrease
-orexia appetite
-rrhea to flow
lip/o fat
pre- before
mal- diseased, bad
-iasis condition that results from
constipation BM that is infrequent and hard to pass
displacement movement to abnormal location
distention abnormal enlargement
emesis vomiting
emetic something to induce vomiting
enema something put into the rectum to cause a BM
impaction physical blockage of GI tract
laxation something to cause a BM to loosen
lesion localized change in an organ or tissue
regurgitation bringing food up before it has been in the stomach
torsion twisting on the axis
volvulus abnormal twisting of the intestines
GI gastrointestional
PRN as often as needed
ASAP as soon as possible
NA not applicable
> greater than
< less than
PD polydipsia
mm mucous membranes
BM bowel movement
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