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Instructions and Clues

Instructions for HGN "Stand with your feet together and your arms down at your sides. Follow the tip of my pen with your eyes only; do not move your head. Keep looking at the pen until told to the test is over. Do you understand?
Where do you hold the pen? 12"-15" slightly above eye level
What are you looking for in medical checks? Similar pupil size Equal tracking (2 passes) No resting nystagmus
Which eye do you start with first? left eye first
What are the clues for HGN? Lack of smooth pursuit Distinct and Sustained Nystagmus at maximum deviation Onset of nystagmus prior to 45 degrees
How do you test for Vertical Nystagmus? Hold at maximum vertical for a MINIMUM of 4 seconds
What does Vertical Nystagmus indicate? A high dose of alcohol for this subject and/or presence of CNS depressants, inhalants or dissociative anesthetics
How many clues are needed with HGN to indicate BAC of .08 or more? 4
What side of the suspect should you stand on, while conducting the Walk and Turn test? To the right of the suspect
How many clues do you need for the Walk & Turn test to indicate a BAC of .08 or more? 2 out of 8
What are the first 2 potential clues in the instructional phase? (Walk & Turn) Starts too soon Loses balance
What are the other 6 clues? (Walk & Turn) Arms raised away from the side by over 6" for balance Misses heel-to-toe step by over one half inch Steps off-line Wrong number of steps Improper turn Stops walking
How many clues are needed to indicate a BAC of .08 or more in the One-Leg stand? 2 out of 4
What are the 4 clues in the One-Leg stand? Puts foot down Uses arms to balance (raises arm(s) over 6" from their side) Sways Hopping
Created by: lexicw28