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Chapter 6 - The Muscular System

my/o muscle
muscul/o muscle
spasm/o spasm
sarc/o flesh
ton/o pressure
-meter a device to measure
metr/o measure
-gram written record produced
-graph instrument used to write or record
-graphy method or recording
electr/o electricity
hemi- half
semi- half
uni- one
mono- one
bi- two
di- two
tri- three
quadri- four
tetra- four
multi- many
poly- many
pan- all
a- no or without
an- no or without
de- removal
par- abnormal
para- near, beside
path/o disease
-pathy disease
paresis- weakness
-plegia paralysis
plas/o growth
-trophy growth
lys/o destruction
cry/o freezing
pyr/o heat
therm/o heat
BID every 12 hours
TID every 8 hours
QID every 6 hours
qh every hour
q_____h every ____ hour
SID every 24 hours
PO by mouth (per os)
NPO nothing by mouth
tx treatment
med medication
cap capsule
tab tablet
rx prescription
ad lib as much as needed
ID intradermal
IM intramuscular
IV intravenous
SQ subcutaneous
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