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vet intro ch2-3

maximum limits from which we can deviate from the acceptable norm laws
system of moral principles that determine behavior ethics
body of unwritten law, evolved from use, custom, and judge-made decisions establishing precedential case law common law
enforces federal law on the care and use of animals within the biomedical industry National Institutes of Health
ordinarily do not cause disease in humans, but may affect individuals with immune deficiency biosafety level 1 agents
Have potential to cause human disease if handled incorrectly; low potential for aerosol transmission biosafety level 2
Can cause serious and potentially lethal disease; potential for aerosol respiratory transmission is high biosafety level 3
pose a high risk of causing life threatening disease biosafety level 4
superficial skin infection caused by a fungus; easily transmitted from animals to humans ringworm
radiation safety device found on the xray machine; restricts size of primary xray beam collimator
radiation safety device; measures personal scatter radiation exposure dosimetry badge
concept defining the special, healthy relationship between people and pets human-animal bond
establishes minimum wage, overtime, record keeping, and youth employment standards fair labor standards act
primary federal law enforcement agency responsible for combating the abuse of controlled drugs drug enforcement agency
an official detailed description of how each important procedure should be performed at a research facility standard operating procedure
federal agency responsible for developing and enforcing regulations to ensure a safe working environment OSHA
federal agency responsible for enforcing regulations related to controlled drugs DEA
a law the regulates the practice of veterinary medicine in a state Practice act
where detained information regarding a specific hazardous chemical, its composition, requirements for storage, handling, use and need for personal protective equipment can be found the MSDS
Controlled substance long book records must be maintained for at least _____ years 5
A goal for the inventory manager is to not exceed the average shelf life of an item which is: 3 months
The number of times inventory turns over in a practice in a specified time is referred to as: Turns per year
Employee records should be kept for at least ____ years after an employee has left the practice. 7
A medical record is a legal document that must be maintained for ___ years if the client has not returned to the practice. 3
When ordering a controlled substances in either class one or class two, DEA form _____ must be filled out and mailed to the distributor 222
High inventory turnover indicates: an efficient and well run pharmacy
The vet prescribes a drug at a dose rate of 2 x 100mg tablets 2 x day for five days. Each tablet costs $.02. There is a mark up of a 100% on that item. The dispensing fee is $5 and there is a minimum tablet cost of $.10 each. What is cost to client? $7.00
What is the markup on a tablet that cost 5 cents and is sold for 20 cents? 300%
The most economical amount of a particular product to order, calculated by factoring in fixed costs, carrying cost and purchasing price is known as the: Economic order quantity
Dividing the total annual purchase of an item by the average value of that item on hand yields that item's: Inventory turnover
3 dangers associated with long-term exposure to waste anesthetic gases congenital abnormalities in children spontaneous abortion liver/kidney damage
4 pieces of protective gear equipment used when taking radiographs lead-lined apron thyroid collar lead-lined gloves lead-impregnated goggles
Items that may be covered by medical waste management laws used needles/syringes vials containing attenuated or live vaccines culture plates animal carcasses animal blood animal bedding pathology waste
Six types of biomedical companies and institutions that employ vet techs drug and pharmaceutical companies private and public teaching institutions manufacturers of animal support equipment and animal feeds breeders and distributors of research animals private research foundations government agencies
Formaldehyde Is known as a human carcinogen. List recommendations or precautions that should be taken when handling it in the vet facility. carefully read MSDS for formaldehyde store formalin container & specimen jars safely use formalin only with good ventilation & avoid breathing vapors wear goggles & latex gloves; avoid skin & eye contact use premixed/premeasured vials of formalin
What are the four categories of laws that govern practice within a veterinary clinic? federal law state law local/municipal law common law
Name three elements a plaintiff must prove to establish that malpractice has occurred: vet agreed to treat patient vet failed to exercise necessary legal obligation of skill and diligence in treating patient (negligence) negligence caused injury to patient
Federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws prevent discrimination by employers in hiring or firing practices on the basis of what criteria? race color religion sex national origin
Name three law enforced by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Dept of the Interior that may com in play when research requires the capture of animals from the wild. Endangered Species Act Lacy Act Marine Mammal Protection Act
Identify four items that a biomedical industry institution should include in an occupational safety and health program. Complete medical history of each employee preventive medicine section system of ongoing medical evaluation clear and standard policy for emergency situations
Any agent that is directly involved in promoting cancer or increasing its propagation. carcinogen
The acronym for the primary federal law enforcement agency responsible for combating the abuse of controlled drugs DEA
The wide range of medicinal products created by the non chemical processes like biotechnology and other technologies Biologics
The organization that is dedicated to the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals Aalas
The acronym for a federal law designed to proved a safe workplace for all persons working in and business effecting commerce OSHA
The bond that refers, for example, to the interaction between people and their pets, 2 words Human-animal
The federal act that regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibitions, transport and by dealers in the united states, 2 words animal welfare
The system found on anesthetic machines that will properly discard excess anesthetic gas scavenging
A _______ badge is used for monitoring cumulative exposure to ionizing radiation dosimetry
A poisonous material capable of causing death or serous debilitation. toxic
_____ oxide is a carcinogenic compound used to sterilize substances that would be damaged by high temperatures. ethylene
The acronym for an official detailed description of how each important procedure should be performed at any given place of employment. SOP
The form of ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles dispersed or suspended in air or gas. Aerosolized
When a doctor's level of competence falls below the level expected of the profession. negligence
A type of negligence in which a doctor fails to follow generally accepted professional standards resulting in injury to a patient malpractice
Education tools explaining treatments, procedures, anesthesia, risks and the possibility of death, 2 words consent forms
The Board of Veterinary _____ is charged with protecting consumers and their pets and livestock. examiners
________ II infectious agents have the potential to cause human disease if handled incorrectly. 2 words biosafety level
The aqueous form of formaldehyde. formalin
Acronym for the group founded in 1866 that created laws against cruelty to animals. ASCPA
The system of moral principles that determines appropriate behavior and actions within a specific group. ethics
They set the maximum limits from which we can deviate from the acceptable norm laws
efficient, mature organization comes from managers learning to____ and empower team members delegate
properly operating equipment requires that team members be___ on how it operates, which greatly extends the__ of the equipment trained, life-span
to prevent purchase of excess materials ___quantities should be developed for each product economic reorder
sales representatives from manufacturers have __developed that can explain diseases, which enhances every team member's skills presentations
the__association provides high-quality continuing education throughout the year for hospital managers veterinary hospital managers
in order to put__ at ease, a warm welcome and accessibility from team members is a must clients
client's experience starts with the first__ and ends when the practice has __ up with the visit impression, followed
if client has to call the practice for test results. this can leave a __ impression negative/bad
receptionist should answer phone within_ rings 3
information can be misinterpreted over the phone, thus a pet's condition must never be__ over the phone diagnosed
recommendation given to client over the phone must be __in the medical record documented
appointment schedules should be developed to __production, while__client wait time maximize, minimizing
the U.S Department of Agriculture issues__ by the state and requires that a veterinarian do a physical exam on the animal before signing it health certificates
horses are required to have a current negative status for___ in order to travel between states coggins disease
receptionist details the entire ___ for a client , it shows the total value of the visit invoice
accounts receivable totals should never exceed __% of total gross revenue amount 2-3
for district attorneys to prosecute bad check writers a __number must be written on the check license
collection agency's report can remain on client's credit report for __years, thus they are willing to pay the debt 3
patients discharged from hospital must be released with __ instructions written
discharging instructions should be given and payment should be made__ the pet is brought to the client before
increased use of pet__ is expected to decrease number of euthanasias performed each year because of cost of medical services insurance
indemnity insurance offers__ for treatment of injured and sick pets compensation
__is defined as the amount an owner pays monthly or annually to maintain am insurance policy for their pet premium
__is the amount an owners must pay before the insurance company will offer compensation deductible
co-pay is the __that the owner is responsible for after the deductible has been met percentage
insurance can be denied because of__ condition which is an abnormality transmitted by genes from parent to offspring congenital
cost of hiring and training a new employee can equal at least_ year's salary 1
During an interview the candidate can be asked if she is planning to have children, T or F? false
written job description and hospital__ are important parts of training new employees philosophy
reward/recognition should be made___, reprimands and correction__ publicly, privately
all employees are paid an hourly wage except if the employee holds a ___ degree or is an ____ assistant specialized, administrative
employee working more than ___ hours within 1 work week must be paid overtime at 1 1/2times the regular rate of pay 40
employee records should be kept at least___ years after employee has left the practice 7
medical record is a legal document that must be maintained for__ years if client has not returned to practice 3
if computerized records are used,____ accuracy is necessary for all data entry, incorrectly entered computer records may never be retrieved meticulous
most common error made is not documenting the communication with the owner regarding the ___ of the patient prognosis
The specified dollar amount of a covered service that is the policyholder's responsibility copay
accounts are the monies owed to a veterinary practice by clients outstanding
time worked after having worked 40 hours in 1 week overtime
the fee that is added to prescriptions to cover the cost of the pill vial, label and team members time dispensing
The acronym for the most commonly used medical record format followed by the veterinary health care teams POMR
The ______ order quantity is an equation used to determine the correct amount of inventory to order economic
The dollar amount an individual must pay for service prior to the insurance company's payment. deductible
A _____ substance is a drug that has been deemed susceptible to abuse by the DEA. controlled
The amount paid for a policyholder to maintain an insurance policy. premium
Pricing a product based on a percentage of cost such as per tablet, per milliliter, or per bottle markup
The difference between the selling price and the cost per unit. margin
______ insurance is a type of insurance where the client is reimbursed for services after they have been provided. indemnity
When a decision is made after all the facts have been presented, it is based on _____ consent. informed
Unexplained inventory losses. shrinkage
_______ marketing is the type of marketing utilized by practices by providing clean facilities, genuine service and excellent customer care. indirect
_______ marketing is a marketing technique that targets potential clients. external
The acronym that identifies the most common data entry formats used in veterinary medicine. SOAP
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