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Agriculture Terms E

Protein Part of feed that contains nitrogen, and that has similar energy value to carbohydrates. Needed to make cells, muscles tissues, milk, wool and enzymes.
Pugging Damage to waterlogged paddocks and the underlying soil structure by vehicles, machinery or animals walking on them when they are over wet.
Relief The highest and lowest points within a specific area or on a map, ie ‘steepness’
Residual Remaining pasture after it has been grazed.
Rotational Grazing Period of intensively grazing pasture followed by a period of recovery
Rotary Shed A milking shed design where the cows individually walk onto a slowly revolving platform side by side, facing into the centre to be milked, and where the milkers work on the outer diameter at the cow’s rear, placing the milking cups on.
Set Stocked Animals continuously graze an allocated area of pasture for an extended time.
Stocking Rate Number of animals that can be grazed on an area of land.
Supplement Extra feed: may include hay, silage, baleage, concentrates and forage crops
Sward Area of pasture or grass
Temperate When the temperature is not too hot or too cold
Tillers Plant shoots that sprout from the base
Topping Process of mowing off the seed head and stalks of pasture so the pasture continues to grow and becomes lush, with a higher energy value
Topography The ‘lay of the land’, ie, it is a detailed map of the surface features of land. Includes the mountains, hills, creeks, rivers or lakes, on a area of land.
Weather Type of conditions at a location that are experienced at that moment or day, ie sunshine, wind, rain, snow... It determines the clothes you select/wear for work.
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