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Agriculture Terms D

Metabolisable The energy that is available to an animal. Measured in units of megajoules per Energy (ME) kilogram of dry matter, (MJ ME/kgDM).
Milking Machine & Machinery to milk a herd of dairy cows includes a vacuum pump, milk lines & Milk Plant filter sock, milk cooler and chilled stainless steel milk vat.
Minerals Parts of feed or body that are made of inorganic molecules, but that are essential for an animal’s survival, eg, Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Cobalt (Co).
Nitrogen Fixation The transfer of nitrogen gas from the atmosphere, to organic forms that can be used by the plant.
Palatable Tasty enough for animal to eat.
Perennial A plant which is lasting or active throughout the year/many years.
pH Measure of how acid or alkaline a solution is.
Photosynthesis Process by plant of trapping the sun’s light energy and making sugar (glucose).
Primary Production Is the production of living things from the land and air, usually by a farmer. In NZ, agricultural and horticultural primary production includes the production of sheep, deer, apples, lettuces, grapes; and forestry and dairying.
Production Useful output from a farm animal or arable crop in the form of meat, milk, wool or crop.
Created by: JennieNairn