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Thymol as preservative Halothane
Cerebral blood flow increases. Halothane
It causes dose dependent depression of cardiac output and drop in arterial blood pressure. Halothane
Catecholamine induced arrhythmias are common Halothane
Inspired concentration of 2 to 4% produce smooth rapid induction of anesthesia in all domestic animals Halothane
Metabolized up to 19 to 22% Halothane
Bromide peaks at 72 hours. Halothane
Malignant hyperthermia, halothane is the most potent. Halothane
Isoflurane is the similar to enflurane in general physical and chemical properties. Isoflurane
Metabolized 0.17%, main metabolite are trifluroacetic acid and inorganic fluoride, renal toxicity is very remote. Isoflurane
Now a days most commonly used in all clinical cases Isoflurane
Has better cardiovascular function compared with other gas anesthetics, other than nitrous oxide. Isoflurane
Respiratory depression is greater than halothane. Isoflurane
Arrhythmias have not been reported and less likely to occur with catecholamines. Isoflurane
Isomers of Isoflurane. Enflurane
Causes seizer like activity, muscle twitching, head jerks. Enflurane
Cardiovascular depression similar to halothane. Enflurane
Metabolism 2.4 % Enflurane
Metabolite is inorganic fluoride. Enflurane
Renal toxicity is unlikely, but hepatitis has been reported. Enflurane
It is a fluorinated ether and metabolized to free fluoride ions and hexafluoroisopropanol which is rapidly glucuronid in the liver. Sevoflurane
Hepatotoxicity very low Sevoflurane
Renal toxicity has been reported in man. Sevoflurane
MAC 2.05 Sevoflurane
Blood/Gas solubility 0.62. Sevoflurane
Metabolism 3.0% Sevoflurane
Rapid induction and very rapid recovery compared to isoflurane, but not as fast as desflurane. Sevoflurane
Desflurane is a fluorinated methyl ethyl ether, differing from isoflurane only in the substitution of fluorine for chloride at the alpha ethyl carbon. Desflurane
MAC 7.2 Desflurane
Blood/Gas solubility 0.4 Desflurane
It can boil at close to room temperature, therefore a special vaporizer produced is essential. Desflurane
Metabolism 0.02 %, potential for toxicity is very low. Desflurane
Very rapid induction and recovery compared to isoflurane and sevoflurane. Desflurane
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