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Clincial Pathology I

Cestodes and Trematodes

What is the scientific name of the flea tapeworm? Dipylidium caninum
Where are Dipylidium caninum found within the body? small intestine of dogs and cats
What is the IH of Dipylidium caninum? ctenocephalides felis--cat flea
Is Dipylidium caninum zoonotic? yes by ingestion of the infected flea
What does Dipylidium caninum look like on a fecal? packet of eggs
How are cats and dogs infected with Dipylidium caninum? ingestion of IH flea
What is the "Taenia spp." cestode that is found in cats? Taenia taeniaeformis
Which "Taenia spp." cestode is found in dogs? Taenia pisiformis
Where do the Taenia spp. live in dogs and cats? Small intestines
How are the dog and the cat infected with Taenia spp.? ingestion of the immature metacestode stage within the tissues of prey animals
How are Dipylidium caninum diagnosed? 1) owner sees rice like pieces in animals hair around rectum 2) I.D. of egg packets on a fecal flotation 3) owner sees segments in stool sample
How are Taenia taeniaeformis and Taenia pisiformis diagnosed? 1) fecal flotation 2) owner sees segments in stool sample 3) owner sees rice like pieces in animals hair around rectum
What is the IH for Taenia taeniaeformis? small rodent
What is the IH for Taenia pisiformis? rabbit
True or False: Taenia ova and Echinococcus ova are easily differentiated. False! They are morphologically identical!
Is Echinococcus zoonotic? Heck Yes!!!
What is the common name for Echinococcus? fox tapeworm
What is the location of Echinococcus within the dog or cat? small intestine
How do the dog and cat become infected with Echinococcus? When they kill an animal and ingest the metacestodes which are in their tissues.
Can Echinococcus adults be seen on a fresh stool sample? NO!! They are too small.
What drug usually will treat most cestodes? praziquantel
What inactivates Echinococcus ova? freezing or heating
What are the most common clinical signs seen in dogs with Echinococcus? abdominal distension, lethargy, and nonspecific GI signs.
The Broad fish tapeworm is also called what? Diphyllobothrium latum
Where is Diphyllobothrium latum found within the dog and cat? small intestines
How are dogs and cats infected with Diphylobothrium latum? by ingestion of fish infected with the infective stage in their tissues
What fecal technique is best to use when trying to find Diphyllobothrium latum? sedimentation
Is Diphyllobothrium latum zoonotic? Yes it can be. Humans infected may develop vitamin B12 deficiency.
What is another cestode that greatly resembles Diphyllobothrium latum ova? Spirometra
What is the common name for Spirometra? Zipper tapeworm
Where is Spirometra found within the dog and cat? small intestines
How are dogs and cats infected with Spirometra? ingestion of frogs, snakes, rodents, or birds that contain the plerocercoids
What is the life cycle of Spirometra? Host ingests frog, snake, rodent or bird that is infected with plerocercoids, 2) Host has a BM and passes eggs which hatch and are eaten by freshwater crustaceans and develop into procercoids, 3) frog, snake, rodent, or bird eat the crustaceans
How are Spirometra eggs found? sedimentation and flotation
What do Spirometra and Diphyllobothrium latum ova look like? They both are light brown, oval and have an operculum on one end.
Ingestion of what animal may infect humans with Alaria?? frogs!!! raw or improperly cooked!! Yuk!!
Is Alaria zoonotic? duh! Yes.
Are Alaria pathogenic in dogs and cats? nonpathogenic
How are Alaria ova found? sedimentation or fecal flotation
Where are Alaria found within the host? small intestines
What are the IH hosts for Alaria? snails and frogs
How are dogs and cats infected with Alaria? ingestion of frogs
Are Alaria ova larger than Ancylostoma caninum? Heck yes!! huge
Is Alaria a nematode, cestode, or trematode? trematode
What is the taxonomy of Paragoniums kellicotti? trematode
Where are Paragonimus kellicotti found within the host? lung parenchyma
What is the first IH for Paragonimus kellicotti? snail
What is the second IH for Paragonimus kellicotti? crayfish
The definitive host, dogs and cats, get infected with Paragonimus kellicotti how? ingestion of the crayfish
What technique should be used to identify Paragonimus kellicotti? sedimentation or fecal flotation
Like Spirometra and Diphyllobothrium latum, Paragonimus kellicotti ova have what???? operculum
How are dogs infected with Heterobilharzia Americana? skin penetration
What is the location in the host of Heterobilharzia Americana? mesenteric and hepatic portal veins
What is the IH for Heterobilharzia Americana? snail
How is Heterobilharzia Americana diagnosed? sedimentation using only saline
Why is it important to only use saline when doing a sedimentation for Heterobilharzia Americana? the eggs hatch when they contact water so using saline prevents that and you can observe the larvae
What is the zoonotic importance of Heterobilharzia Americana? they cause swimmer's itch in humans
what is the scientific name of the Salmon poisoning fluke? Nanophyetus salmincola--that's a mouth full!!
What is another term for trematode? fluke
Where are Nanophyetus salmincola found in the host? small intestines of dogs and cats
What is the first IH for Nanophyetus salmincola? snail
What is the second IH for Nanophyetus salmincola? salmon--duhhhhhh
How do dogs and cats get infected with Nanophyetus salmincola? ingestion of the dang salmon!!!! duh again!!
How are the eggs of Nanophyetus salmincola detected? sedimentation---remember?? it is a fluke!! They are heavy!!
Where are Fasciola hepatica found within the host? within the gall bladder and bile ducts!!! Where is the gall bladder and bile duct located????? The LIVER!!! WHAT DOES HEPAT/O MEAN???????? LIVER
What species do Fasciola hepatica infect? ruminants
What is the common name of Fasciola hepatica???? Break the word down before you answer!!! Liver fluke-----hepat/o!!!!
What animal is the host for Fascioloides magna? white-tailed deer
Where are Fascioloides magna adults found in the host? liver parenchyma
What is the IH for Fascioloides magna? snail
How do deer become infected with Fascioloides magna? ingestion of vegetation that has the snails in it that are infected
Because Fascioloides magna is found in vegetation because snails can go just about anywhere, what other grazing animals may be susceptible to becoming incidental hosts? cattle or sheep
The Lizard Poisoning fluke of cats is also called what? Platynosomum fastosum
Where is Platynosomum fastosum found in cats? bile ducts
What is the first IH for Platynosomum fastosum? land snail
What is the second IH for Platynosomum fastosum? lizard, lizard, lizard!!
How are cats infected with Platynosomum fastosum??? Think!! What do cats like to chase outside and eat???? ingestion of lizards, lizards, lizards!!
You are looking at the whole body of an adult tapeworm. Which end of the tapeworm is the immature end? closest to scolex-head
What are the two pseudotapeworms of animals? Spirometra and Diphyllobothrium latum
What animal is the host for Anoplocephala perfoliata? horses
Where does Anoplocephala perfoliata live within the horse? small intestine and large intestine and cecum
What is the IH for Anoplocephala perfoliata?? grain mite
What fecal procedure is used to diagnose Anoplocephala perfoliata?? flotation
What drugs may be used to eliminate Anoplocephala perfoliata in horses? praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate and pyrantel tartrate
Moniezia species of ruminants are transmitted by what? ingestion of infective grain mite
What shape are the eggs of Moniezia? square or triangular
How are Moniezia diagnosed? fecal flotation
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